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DNY NATO Days Chooses Patches by The/Studio To Make Their Patch

DNY is the largest military and police show in all of Eastern Europe.  During the event there is an opportunity to see military hardware exhibitions, police and rescue technology, dynamic shows of special units training, air displays and you have the chance to see first hand the different kinds of equipment used by units.  This is the only event that brings the latest technology used by soldiers, fire fighters, policemen, customs officers, the prison service, the municipal police and other elite units in one location.

We are proud to say that for the past few years including in 2012 the organizers at DNY have chosen Patches by The/Studio to produce the embroidered patch that is given to participants at DNY NATO as well as sold as a souvenir.  The patch that we did for DNY NATO in 2012 is a beautiful 4.5 inch patch with 100% embroidery and a merrowed border.  The patch features 20 different flags and we are truly proud of the level of detail that we were able to get with each flag.  Not any company would be able to get the level of details in the flags that we were able to accomplish.  We were able to accomplish this because of our highly skilled digitizers, as well as the precision Tajima, Japanese made embroidery machines which we use for the embroidery.

The patch also features a “hard pile” backing sewn onto the patch and it also comes with a separate “soft pile” patch that we customized for this customer’s patch.  The “soft pile” patch can be sewn onto the customer’s garment, and then then main embroidered patch can be attached using the “hard pile” backing.  This is of course very useful if the customer’s clothing or uniform doesn’t already have a
“soft pile” or Velcro (TM) sewn onto the garment already.

By the way for clarification “hard pile” is the terminology used to describe the Velcro (TM) male component and “soft pile” is used to describe the Velcro (TM) female component.  Velcro is a registered trademark, and we offer our customers both “hard pile” and “soft pile” backings as well as the officially trademarked Velcro backing.  Most of our customers choose the “hard & soft pile” option because it is almost the same as Velcro and is significantly cheaper.




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