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Early Holiday Shopping Starts Now At The/Studio

October 24, 2016

Early Holiday Shopping Starts Now At The/Studio

The Holidays Have Arrived At The/Studio

“Just hear those keyboards clattering, smart phones pattering, too…”
As it turns out, rewriting Christmas songs for The/Studio is actually pretty easy — a lot easier than actually Christmas shopping.  But we’re making it easier to fill stockings this year with 35% sitewide on custom orders, with a $25 Amazon gift card for all orders over $1000.  Santa’s elves have nothing on The/Studio, where dozens of products are manufactured to your exacting specifications — and unlike Santa, we actually pay attention to your wish list. From winter hats to snug warm scarves, we’ll keep you warm this winter longer than a cup of hot cocoa.
Come on, it’s lovely weather for a custom order together with you…” All right, we’ll stop.
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