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Embroidered Patch Mockup vs. the Actual Embroidered Patch

When you order with The/Studio, you can preview a mockup of your patches, and even get a physical sample. Here’s how it works!

Some custom patch manufacturers simply have you design a patch online (or send in a design) and then click “ORDER.” Your patches arrive in the mail and maybe they’re what you wanted, maybe they’re not. That can be stressful, and downright horrendous if the custom mockup you saw online is nothing like the patches you receive. That will NEVER happen when you order with us.

At The/Studio, we check in with you for every step of the design and manufacturing process. You have complete oversight and control, and can pump the brakes and make changes at any point! Let’s learn more.

What is Your Digital Mockup?

The first stage of the mockup process is a digital mockup, essentially a digital rendering of what your patch will look like. When you order your custom patches, one of our talented in-house designers will craft this digital rendering of your embroidered patch and send it to you. 

You then have the opportunity to make edits if there is something (ANYTHING!) about your custom-made embroidered patch mockup that you aren’t 100% happy with. 

That’s right, we offer UNLIMITED edits until we get your design absolutely perfect. We won’t send the mockup to our production team until the digital mockup is expressly approved by you. However, with that in mind please note that your delivery estimate depends on how soon you approve your digital mockup.

What is Your Sample Mockup? 

After you approve your digital mockup, you will have the option to receive a sample custom embroidered patch mockup. That means we’ll create a real, physical patch, exactly like the ones you’ll receive, and we’ll send you photographs of it. You can see how your digital design turned out in real life! Again, you can then submit ANY edits or changes you want that weren’t caught during the digital mockup phase. 

If you’re on a rushed deadline, you can also choose to skip the sample mockup and just go ahead and have us produce your full patch order. But if you have time we highly recommend the sample mockup phase. That way you can be sure you’re 100% happy with your custom patches.

After you approve the actual sample, your order moves into full production. You’re now just waiting until you receive your final order! Again, please note that any changes or edits in the sample mockup stage of the process can result in deadline delays.

Examples of Digital Mockups Vs. The Actual Sample 

digital mockup vs the actual mockup

digital version of patch vs real version of patch

Here are some examples of digital mockups and actual samples we have crafted for our customers in the past. 

Can you spot which one is which? It’s tough! But hey, that’s how good our embroidery skills are : ) 

So, are you ready to get started? It’s easy! Just contact one of our Creative Specialists or use our Create Tool (click the link below) to begin the design and patch mockup process. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at custom mockups of your embroidered patches… and soon you’ll have the real things in your hands!

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