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The Embroidered Patch That Started It All

July 24, 2014

Every embroidered patch that we produce represents something, whether it be a military unit, a team, a school or a business.  Sometimes we like to reminisce and rummage through our collection of patch samples.  We keep one sample of each patch so that if you ever reorder your patch we can easily match the color and design for you.

Its hard not to get sentimental about the patches that we produce.  The other day we were rummaging through our archives and we came across the embroidered patch that launched over 100,000 separate embroidered patch orders and 15 million individual patches.  Six years ago our company only did embroidery digitizing.  One of our customers asked us if we could produce a patch for his scenario paintball team.  He wanted 100 patches and he needed them quickly.  We completed it in record time, and we shipped the patches off to the customer.  The customer from the Sprye Bane Scenario Paintball Team was happy, and he recommended us to his friends in the Paintball community.  This is how we got our start in embroidered patches.

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