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About Embroidered Patches- Edge Cutting by Alex

Sometimes we receive complaints from our customers saying that the edge of their patch was not cut very well. On the one hand, maybe we truly did not cut it well and we need to improve it. But on the other hand, no matter how we cut it, the edge will not be completely straight. Please see image below.

sample patch 1 speed and machine

As you can see the twill is black while the edge is yellow. Two different colors. For the image on the right, it is also the same. No matter how the edge was cut, you can still see a little bit black.

So what should a customer do? Here are two options for our customers’ reference. These recommendations should solve this problem.

Option 1: Use the same color for the twill and the border. See image below. The twill and the border are both green. As you can see it looks perfect.

sample patch 2 weaver cup

If our customers want the edge of their patch to look perfect, they should consider this option.

Option 2:  Sometimes our customer don’t want to change the color of the twill or the border since it is apart of their design or logo. At this time I would suggested a merrowed border. Please see patch below, the twill is white and the border is black. But instead of  a plain border, it is a merrowed border, which is a special border. We can’t see the white twill through the border. But our customer should know that the merrowed border is more expensive.

sample 3 patch miguel name

After reading this blog, I hope our customers will gain some helpful patch knowledge.






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