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Explaining the Importance of Labeling, by Emmy

August 27, 2014

Our account executive, Emmy, wanted to share with you the significance of labels.

Below is her first blog. Enjoy!

I’ve been in the label business for almost 13 years, pretty much my entire adult career.  Every time someone asks me what I do for work, I tell them “I’m an Account Executive with a small label company based in the Philippines.”  It never fails; I always get asked “Labels?  What do you mean labels?”  Even after I show them the label in my shirt, they still don’t comprehend the importance of a label, and certainly don’t understand how I’ve been making a living selling these things for more than a decade.  Well this is how I explain it:  You know that t-shirt you recently bought at Wal-Mart for $7.97?  Well the same factory that made that t-shirt also made the t-shirt you just bought your son at Abercrombie for about $48, but because it had that little moose on it, you were willing to pay $48.  Then the light bulb in their head usually turns on and they realize that in reality, the label is everything, and without it we most likely wouldn’t spend the money we do on the clothes or products we purchase.  After all, we all know it’s all about the name brand, or designer you wear when it comes to fashion and apparel, especially with back-to-school shopping in full swing!  So if you weren’t sure what the importance of a label was, your kids are sure to give you and your wallet a lesson this shopping season.

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