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Face Masks Now Mandatory in Most Bay Area Counties

April 27, 2020

Face Masks Now Mandatory in Most Bay Area Counties

From San Francisco to to San Mateo, most BayArea counties are now requiring facial protection for residents going out in public.  From NBC Bay Area:

“Today’s Order is part of our broader strategy to protect public health and slow the spread of the coronavirus in our community,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed said in a statement. “By covering your face when you go pick up food or ride Muni, you are helping reduce the risk of infecting those around you. As we look to a time where we can begin to ease the Stay Home Order, we know that face coverings will be part of that future – and we want San Franciscans to become more comfortable with this new normal. We know it will take some time to get used to, but it will help save lives.”

We expect most of the country to follow San Francisco and the Bay Area’s lead as things begin to open up. As of today (April 27, 2020) seven states already do: Connecticut, Maryland, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania (see if your state’s been added since this post’s writing).

But despite legal mandates, personal protective equipment remains scarce and at times expensive, with the country long ago having run out of stockpiles of N95s and similar respirators. At The/Studio, we’re doing our part to protect our customers by connecting you to lab-vetted factories manufacturing equivalent protection. We’re leveraging our years of supply chain experience to not only ensure the highest quality possible — with onsite quality control — but also the lowest prices and fastest shipping. We even negotiate ever-shifting customs regulations for you.

The COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, with few known variables for states, counties, companies and families. There is one thing you can count on — The/Studio’s team to get you afforable protective equipment quickly and affordably.

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