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Fashion Brands That Have Used Patches in Their Designs

Custom patches are an intrinsic part of the designs of countless high-end fashion brands, from Gucci to Louis Vuitton. Get in on the action!

Custom patches are found on outfits designed by almost every high-fashion brand in existence. From Gucci to Tommy Hilfiger to Coach, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Anya Hindmarch, Marc Jacobs… You get the idea. The list goes on. 

It’s not surprising that custom patch designs are so popular with fashion brands. From the placement to the design and materials, patches offer you the chance to accent your outfits with one-of-a-kind flair, immediately setting them apart from everything else on the runway. 

women wearing jeans with patches on them

And If Fashion Brands are Using Custom Patches… 

That means celebrities are sporting custom patches too. Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid, Rhianna, Keke Palmer, Florence Welch, Brie Larson… TONS of celebrities are often seen sporting attire with custom patches. Again, it’s pretty simple. Custom patches are one-of-a-kind. They make any outfit stand out, simply because you can design them however you want and then place them wherever you want. When you accent an outfit with custom patches, it immediately becomes 100% unique.

How Can My Brand Use Custom Patches?

The nice thing about custom patch design is that you can put your patches anywhere on an outfit. While patches are particularly popular on jean jackets and jean shorts or pants, patches can be applied on leather jackets, bags, t-shirts, shoes, or any other flat, empty surface on your apparel or accessories (depending on your adhesion choice). Canvas, along with denim, is a particularly great choice for patches.

Any fashion brand can use patches in their designs! Start by contacting The/Studio and working with one of our talented creative designers (100% FREE) to whip up a design based on your ideas. If you already have a design, or you want to tackle the process on your own, you can use our Create Tool (our online patch designer) to start the process yourself! 

No matter what style fashion brand or aesthetic you have, there is a patch that goes perfectly for you. Plenty of our customization options, such as metallic, reflective, or neon threading, puff embroidery, glow-in-the-dark visuals, rhinestones, cotton stuffing, reflective detailing, and 3D effects, are perfect for a variety of fashion brands. 

NOTE: Depending on the custom patch you choose, not all of these options are applicable.

That said, we’ve designed hundreds of thousands of patches for our clients over the years, however, so we like to think we know a thing or two about the choices that work best for various styles. Our recommendations are below:

Are You an Outdoor Apparel Brand?

If you’re looking to apply custom patches to rugged, hardy outdoor gear and apparel, we recommend PVC patches. Our PVC patches are made out of polyvinyl (a type of high-quality plastic), so they feel like rubber. They’re flexible, completely waterproof, and extremely abrasion-resistant, so all around they’re a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts.


Are You a Rock or Metal Fashion Brand?

If you’re running an edgy fashion brand with a hard rock, punk, or metal aesthetic, then leather patches are for you. We offer both real and faux leather options with a variety of backing options (such as Velcro, adhesive, and iron-on patch design). If you’re looking for a timeless, rough aesthetic for your patch, leather is the way to go.


Are You a High-End Luxury Brand?

If you’re a high-end, top-line fashion brand, then bullion patches are a stellar choice. These patches are all 100% hand-made with hand-stitched wire, and you can choose from gold, silver, black, red, or bronze wire to suit your vision. Add embroidered or beaded accents, crystals, sequins, stuffed flocking, and more to truly make your patch shine. Naturally, these are our most expensive patch style, and as such, come with high markup potential. For the finest luxury brands, bullion patches can’t be beaten.


Are You a Preppy Fashion Brand?

Chenille patches feature a vaulted yarn weave that creates fluffy, 3D designs, giving off that classic, all-American look. These iconic, nostalgic patches are an awesome choice for varsity or letterman-inspired jackets, vintage-styled athletic apparel, and preppy fashion brands alike.


NOTE: Embroidery patch designs go well with just about any outfit or style. They’re extremely versatile, along with woven patches and printed patches, and they’re affordable, too! 

Start Designing Your Custom Patches Now!




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