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Favorite Designs of the Season

‘Tis the Design Season

Rolling into our lives with its own cuisine, music, movies and books, Christmas also brings some of the best — if not tackiest — clothing of the year. At The/Studio, we’ve had the chance to make some Yuletide apparel that could deck the halls of any top-ten list:


10) Snide Santa Lapel Pin
Something about this guy resonates with us. To us, it’s a sign that even Saint Nick himself gets tired of hearing Wham’s “Last Christmas” for the 785th time and makes up alternate lyrics.
9) Noël Neckwear
Ties that would be despicable any other time of year become high fashion come December. Maybe just for your uncle. He’d wear any of these.

8) Merry Mugs
Whether they’re for nog or coffee, Christmas mugs need to be oversized and festooned with Christmas décor. Bonus points if the handle is a) reindeer antlers or b) the end of Santa’s cap.
7) Reindeer Prancers
Socks serve as a Yuletide dating ritual designed to indicate how fun a potential partner is. Someone wearing these is a strong possibility — and the socks are pulled over pant legs, it’s time to find the mistletoe.
6) Gosh-darned Cute Snowman 
Making up for Snide Santas are cute snowmen in any number of activities including physical impossibilities, like drinking hot chocolate. Make sure not to look down at your cute lapel pin and say “aw!” in public, though.
5) Holiday Hangtags
Who said they were just for clothes? Ordering up a batch of your own private gift labels to hang from bows means you’ve won Christmas before it even starts.

Christmas decoration with fur and baubles on old wood.

4) Photo Props
These recent inventions from the age of Snapchat seem to always involve facial hair. But they’re useful in covering up real eggnog-moustaches during the family photo.

Couple with funny christmas masks

3) Reindeer Pins
A classy, minimalistic touch on the usual overly-colorful Christmas lapel pin, a classiness lost when you insist on pinning nine of them on your lapel alongside a Santa-in-a-sleigh pin.
2) Old Saint Nick Umbrella
If you’re living south of Canada, a white Christmas is just as likely as a wet Christmas. Saint Nick’s got you covered with a one-of-a-kind umbrella.

Snow falling on woman under umbrella

1) Super-sized Sweaters
The grandaddy of all holiday dress. Thick-knit, oversized, a whole diorama of Christmas right on your stuffed belly.  Jingle-bell buttons? Extra points. If you’ve got a beauty, we’d love to see it — friend us on Facebook and post your picture. You might win up to $300 and The/Studio credit and be ready make your own Christmas gear for next year. Our contest ends tomorrow!




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