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Filling Your Inventory During A Major Shopping Sale

Everyone knows the two most important shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and they come after each other.

During these days all shoppers and business owners wait for with bated breaths. Just thinking of all the great discounts, free products, coupons, and promos is enough to give sleepless nights.

Every experienced shopper at this point is doing one of two things. They are making lists ahead of time and taking advantage of the juicy discounts that prelude the big day. Small business owners are no exceptions to this, and it’s double the effort for them. While they’re rolling out their own sale, they should also be looking out for opportunities that could help them prepare for the first quarter of the new year.

Busy as it may be, the shopping holidays could be the best time to restock their inventory or even look for a chance to launch new products.

Your supplier may be running a sale too.

Different industries are also running a sale, and yes, that includes those in manufacturing and production. That means, a lot of your suppliers are giving away discount or exclusive deals around this time. If you already have a business plan for next year, then you will most likely have an idea with the overall resources needed to roll out that plan. Will it involve producing more products favored by your customers in the past? Will you be launching a new one that involves an event or a series of marketing activities? When you think of the specifics, you may already save just by taking advantage of the discounts that your suppliers are running during this shopping season.

Don’t miss it. It may be one of the few chances that you’ll be able to get items in bulk at a price drop you’ve never had before.

The bundled freebies count as savings.

Apart from slashed prices, suppliers could also be offering deals by the bundle, by which if you do the Math, you could actually save a lot more in the long term. Those “Buy 100 pieces and get 20 more for Free” means more items for your inventory. 

Be on the lookout for these promo packages.

Purchasing according to plan.

write business plan

A customer can be so thrilled to shop during this sale season that the budget goes out of control. The very same thing can happen for you as a business owner. You will be presented with so many great deals that it might make you go astray from what you originally plotted out on your business plan. 

That’s why before you throw yourself out there in a sea of promotions, let your list be made to remind you of what you intended for. When a deal happens that’s so good, it’s difficult to pass, you need to ask yourself if it’s aligned with your plans. Will it help push through with that new product promotion? Will it be detrimental to the allocated budget?

Ponder unto these points before diving into it. Otherwise, your aim to save becomes more of a profit loss in the end.

To know what to expect on these major shopping holidays, look up the websites of the stores you’ll like to buy from. They would usually have some information about what would be on offer.

Are you planning to restock pins, labels, coins, and masks for 2021? We have exclusive deals during these shopping holidays too.





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