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Fire Department Custom Embroidered Patches

One of our best customer’s are fire departments.  In this blog we will feature some fire departments that we have produced patches for recently.  The first patch was produced for a group of bikers within the New York City Fire Department, who wanted to proudly proclaim their association with the NYFD on their biker apparel.

Also attached is a patch that we did for the Springfield Fire Department.  This patch has the text “Honor” and “Valor” neatly embroidered onto the patch.  It is done with a nice yellow merrowed border, red, blue and white, on twill, which are common colors for embroidered fire patches.  The patch features a Maltese Cross which is very common symbolism on fire department patches.  The Maltese Cross derives from an ancient order of Christian Warriors called the Knights of Malta.  This symbolism is now used by fire departments as a symbol of protection and honor.  The patch also features a hook, ladder, helmet and other equipment to symbolize the fire department.  The next patch was produced for the St. John’s fire department.  It is similar in color to the Springfield Fire Department Patch, with the exception that it also incorporates a light grey, which is not a very common color for fire department patches.  The St. John’s Fire Department also uses the symbolism of the Maltese, but instead of the Maltese Cross being inside the patch, the patch is the Maltese cross.  There is also the symbolism of the ladder, and other various equipment. The Wichita Fire Department Patch also makes use of fire equipment by featuring a fire department axe.  The patch is round which is not very common for a fire department patch, but it still makes heavy use of reds and whites. The Prospect Hill Fire Department Patch also makes use of the Maltese in the design and features a ladder and fire extinguisher.  It also features a medical cross, which is also common symbolism in fire department patches.  This particular patch also mentions the Station number, which in this case is station number 5. Lastly is a truly beautiful patch that we did for the Greenfield Fire Department.  This is a gorgeous patch, and its very unique because aside from the one yellow color, this particular fire department decided not to include the normal symbolism of Maltese Crosses, axes, hooks, ladders, etc.. that you find in most fire department patches.  It depicts a beautiful picture of the city’s, city hall and trees that represent the lushness of the city. Custom Embroidered Fire Department Patches are always fun to look at, because they are truly ornate.  Fire departments are bonded together by their crests, symbolism, and also through their uniforms, and embroidered patches are an extremely important component of that.




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