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First Product of 2017 – Custom Aprons

Introducing: Custom Aprons

Aprons align perfectly with the the sort of customer we love — the creative who needs more than two hands at once and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. So we figured we kill two birds with one stone: custom aprons that came with as many pockets you want, in whatever style you wanted.

Then we went overboard.

For something we use so often, “custom aprons” should mean that you can choose the length of the straps, the exact depth of the pockets. The type of fabric should be changeable, too — heavy cloth didn’t suit some applications like serving, but thin cotton at the grill meant it was you who was getting roasted. And for that matter, lengths should be up for grabs, too — a waiter and an artist need entirely different sizes and cuts. 

women_rollerskating_wearing_apron_to_serve_food artist_wearing_apron

“I need a way different apron than she does.” – Jackson Pollock

Aprons have us excited, and that’s why we invested a few months really stretching our factories so that today, you can make any apron your job demanded. And as per usual, we’re offering outrageous screenprinting, professional embroidery or a mixture of both. That’s the freedom needed to create gems like an apron festooned with steak chenille patches (check it out at the bottom of the aprons homepage).

So go ahead, cut loose a little and deck out your catering squad, your cook-off competition or your clay class with custom aprons. Request a quote today and enjoy free 30% increase in order quantity. Order up!






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