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Football Kickoff

Tis the season, football season that is! There will be lots of yelling and just as much cheering. Friends become foe when your favorite team looses miserably to your friend’s favorite team. And of course there will be tears along with some delusional thoughts. Football makes people a little crazy, fans have the tendency to start using the word “we” a lot during this season. Let me explain further, instead of saying the “The New York Giants did really good tonight”, I hear “We did really good tonight”. Since when did drinking a beer and eating wings mean that you played football with the New York Giants? Hence the delusional thoughts! So Football fans might be a little crazy, sure! But their loyalty and dedication is really something to admire. These men and woman don’t miss a single game! They wake up early on Sunday just to watch the first game. They wear their team’s jersey and hat at all times, even if it hasn’t been washed in weeks, that’s real dedication!


Do you know what makes a real football fan? Real football fans have custom football patches! Football patches are a great way to represent your favorite team and they are very versatile. You can adhere your custom patch to a shirt or a cap or you can turn your patch into a key chain! You can even make your custom emblem a sticker patch that can stick to your laptop or your cell phone. Custom patches are a great way to bring luck to your football team; I know how superstitious football fans can be!

However you decide to represent your team this season, it’s important to remember that everyone has the right to root for the team of their choice. So be respectful to your friends, co-workers and family. Below are some helpful tips on how to keep the peace this football season.

Helpful Tip #1: Make sure to have food around. If you are watching a football game with an opposing fan it’s important that no one is hungry. Hunger causes rage and grumpiness.

Helpful Tip #2: If you are an angry drunk, avoid alcohol at all cause, especially if your team is losing.

Helpful Tip #3: Focus your negative energy on your team; they need your Jedi mind tricks to win (at least that’s what you would like to think.)

Helpful Tip #4: Watch football games in a public place because hopefully you will be too embarrassed to fight in public.

Helpful Tip #5: Hug it out! As tense and it gets during this time of year, make sure you never leave angry

We hope everyone has a wonderful season. May the best team win!





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