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Getting Inspiration From Great Designers by Joseph H

Design for me is primarily about content and beauty is just the shell. There is not sense of beauty if it is not convenient” Andrey Sokruta Industrial Designer

At The/Studio we are always looking to upgrade our product and services.  We decided that in the beginning of 2015 it was important for us to launch a new website to improve our customer’s experience.  However, launching a new website is a challenge, because we want the website to be aesthetically more pleasing but we also want it to be more functional.  Its always a challenge to combine function and aesthetics.

Fortunately we are working with an amazing designer that we have already worked with for two years.  Nevertheless as managers of the company we still need to provide the designer with direction.  When working on a design project it always important to look at other sites for inspiration.  One site I absolutely love is which features the best designed websites from around the world.  Not only is this important to draw inspiration from amazing designers, but its also fun and relaxing to browse through these sites.  Here are some amazing sites that I found: – This website made me hungry and it had that effect because of the amazing images.  Another reminder that photography is a key element to web design.

munchery website – In addition to having some really great images this website does a great job of transitioning the customer, which allows the customer to learn more about their shoes, but it also allows the site to learn more about the customer.


runbetter website

runbetter buy now ad – This site that sells technology accessories made out of wood wants the customer to know how important their team is.  In fact almost the entire second half of the home page is dedicated to their team.  It shows their team together, and it even gives you information about each person on the team.  They do an excellent job of really humanizing the brand instead of just focusing on the product.

groovemade website

groovemate website family creator

groovemade website team

groovemate employee – This site is a great example of the power of minimalism.  They use a parallax site to describe an entire product on one page.  Great images, great copywrite and a great video allows you to learn everything about the product while staying on the same page.

lixpen website – This website tells a short story about the American “tunnel rats” that served the US military during the Vietnam War.  This is perhaps the most amazing website I have ever seen.  Perhaps I’m partially influenced by the fact that I went to Vietnam and one of my most vivid memories is the story of the role the tunnels played in the Vietnam war.  I’ve never seen such a complicated story told so succinctly in such a few sentences, without any video.  The colors used, and the transitions used to tell the story are simply amazing.  This website was so inspiring that it compelled me to send an email to the team that produced the website, just to tell them that I was impressed with their work.

tunnelrats website






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