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Gingham Custom Embroidered Patch With Puff Embroidery

October 12, 2014

At Studio Patches we can literally custom manufacture any type of patch.  Feel free to look around the Internet.  We are the only custom patch supplier that offers our customers exotic materials such as gingham material.  In fact we can literally provide our customers their embroidered patch with any type of material.

For this particular order the customer was looking for a very specific type of gingham material with red and white checkers.  It took us several days of going to the material market to find the exact shade of red that the customer was looking for and the right amount of proportion in the checkers.  Our staff would go to the material market everyday and take pictures of the material that they found.  The customer would then email us back and give us feedback on the material that we found.  We finally found this material which the customer felt was perfect for their needs.

This custom embroidered patch features a yellow satin stitched border, dark blue embroidery, as well as puff embroidery.ample of a project that we did for a high school.  The customer wanted to make the patch 100% embroidery, but they didn’t have the budget for it.  Therefore we found a solution for the customer which was to find a mint/neon green twill so that the customer could embroider the patch onto the twill.  This allowed us to charge the customer only for 50% embroidery.

The result is a beautifully stitched patch on a mint green twill with black and white embroidery.

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