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Girl Scouts Doing Their Part

August 11, 2014

Girl Scouts are one of our most loyal customer groups. Their commitment to helping others has always impressed us. They are taught early on the importance of being a good person. They display humanity and grace with every project. We wanted to share with you an example of their amazing work.

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Paris Aguiliar, Chole Traskauskas and Hannah Edelstien belong to the same Girl Scout troop in Brownsville, Texas. They had two goals to achieve, to help others and earn their prestigious silver badges. After much pondering, the girls decided they wanted to introduce technology to senior citizens. They found sponsors to donate two IPads to Spanish Meadows Assisted Living Center. Knowing that the majority of the seniors had family and friends all around the country and the world, they wanted to acquaint them with a little thing called “Facetime”.

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At first the senior residents weren’t too thrilled about learning how to use the IPad, let alone Facetime. But with patience and determination, they eventually warmed up to the idea.
The residents began to master the tablet and the use of Facetime. They were amazed at the technology and quite proud of themselves.
Now that the residents are masters of the IPad and Facetime, the Executive Director of Spanish Meadows, Julio C Gonzalez, plans on sending out a newsletter to friends and family of the residents, explaining how to use video chat. That way the residents can connect with anyone.



Some of the residents are even contemplating investing in their own IPad.

Paris, Chole and Hannah are responsible for connecting loved ones and long lost friends. They made distance seem invisible.

The girls will continue to work on their project and hopefully introduce video chat to other unsuspected senior citizens. They will find out if they earned their silver badge on September 1st. Something tell us that they will get it!

The Girl Scout Organization is undoubtedly amazing, but what makes them so extraordinary is the girl scouts themselves. Their passion for being a Girl Scout inspires action for change and development. They do their part to make the world a better place. Girl Scouts are great contributors to our communities and society, who commit many hours to creating a better world.

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