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A Great Idea For a Custom Patch

July 26, 2013

I enjoy seeing the amazing ideas that our customers come up with for their custom embroidered patches , their designs and concepts leave me in awe. Our customers have shown us that custom patches can be anything you want them to be , the options are endless. If you allow your imagination to run wild , you can create a one of a kind custom emblem. There is no limit to the creativity that can be used on a custom insignia. I would like to show you an example of a creative patch at it’s finest , I hope this custom patch will provoke and inspire you.

A company contacted us to create some custom embroidered patches but they weren’t your average emblems , they requested that we make them into key chains. This was the first time any of our customers had requested a patch like this , we were very intrigued. Before agreeing to create this type of patch , we first wanted to make sure our production team could create such a custom patch. Our production team reassured us that we could definitely create a custom key chain patch. Our customers were ecstatic when I told them the good news!

Below you will see the key chain patch that was created. The company that placed this order called these emoticon patches, dimension of the eyelet is around 3mm and the jump ring is around 12mm diameter. We used a felt material with embroidery for these custom key chain emblems. This is an extraordinary concept and was executed perfectly by our production team.

With an innovative idea your custom embroidered emblem can turn into something much more. Having such amazing patch ideas brought to our attention , is an incentive for us to become a better patch company and allows us to be more uninhibited when creating new patch concepts.

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