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Handling Price Objections by Joseph H

October 5, 2014

When a customer usual response is , “Your quote is way higher” or “I can’t afford this” or “It’s too much for a patch” there are some rebuttals that we can use to overcome objection. The most common rebuttal for such objection is: “We appreciate your feedback. But just to let you know, we are way different from our competitors as we offer more than usual – the one that you cannot find with other companies. Just like the same principle with apple and Starbucks.

“We have dedicated people that would go above and beyond your imagination when it comes to the design,from start to finish, while with some companies, they just take your order and have you deal with their customer service department once you have a problem.” A more daring, response may be, “How can you afford NOT to? As this is the most convenient way to advertise your business without to much effort. Give one patch away and nothing beats the word of mouth of your customers to spread the word of your business.” Our job is to persuade the customer that the benefit outweighs the cost by knowing your product and believing in it and then presenting it in such a way as to make the thing you’re selling a necessity.

If the customer can be made to understand that what you’re selling is indispensable and is of a higher value than what it is being sold for, it will be easy to close more sales. In closing, sales reps may want to leave the customer with the impression that the product or service is affordable, not cheap nor expensive. Make them believe that it is something that they can’t afford to loose.

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