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Happy Veterans Day From Patches by The/Studio


Today our hearts are with all of the brave men and woman who serve our beautiful  country. Veterans Day is a very special day for everyone here at Patches by The/Studio. Our most loyal customers are our military troops. Creating custom patches for our troops is an amazing honor , one we never take for granted.

To celebrate and honor Veterans Day I wanted to share with you a custom patch interview I conducted with a World War 2 veteran. This veteran happens to be my grandfather. He is an extremely important person in my life and he is the true definition of an American historian. This interview is dedicated to all of our amazing veterans.

Patches by The/Studio: Introduce yourself!

Leonard Heller: Hello my name is Leonard Heller. I was born in St. Paul Minnesota. I was 8 years old when I moved to California.

Patches by The/Studio: How old were you when you were drafted into the Army?

Leonard Heller: I was drafted at 18 years old.

Patches by The/Studio: Where were you stationed?

Leonard Heller: I did my infantry training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Ozarks. After my infantry training , I was sent overseas. I ended up in Normandy.

Patches by The/Studio: What was your assignment in the army?

Leonard Heller: My assignment was to register prisoners of war.  We interviewed them and did paperwork. I was a clerk typist and a stenographer.

Patches by The/Studio: How many years were you active in the army? Leonard Heller: I was in the army for 3 and half years.

Patches by The/Studio: Did you have any patches from the army?

Leonard Heller: My jacket had a patch , it was a 75th infantry division patch .  The military patch was red , gold and blue.

Patches by The/Studio: What was your experience like being in the army?

Leonard Heller: My experience was postive , at times diffficult but the whole was a good experience. I was not on the front lines so i was not expose to any danger. I was pretty safe.

Patches by The/Studio: Are you still in touch with any of your army buddies?

Leonard Heller: I hadn’t seen my friend , Sam Rickalo. In 50 years and we got together a few months ago and we had a reunion. We talked about our years in the army , it was really nice catching up with him.

Patches by The/Studio: What did being in the army teach you?Leonard Heller: The army taught me how to use a rifle, it  taught me discipline , and it also taught me how to make a neat and smooth bed.

Patches by The/Studio: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

Leonard Heller: It means that the citizens of the United States are honoring the veterans who devoted their lives to defending America.

Patches by The/Studio: What do you do to celebrate Veterans Day?

Leonard Heller: I put up my American flag every Veterans Day .

Patches by The/Studio: What was your best experience in the army?

Leonard Heller: We had orders to go to Romania, we saw a little bit of Eurpope and then we had to serve in the court as a stenographer in Romania and Austria. We were apart of  The Allied Control  Commission.  Great Britain , France , United States and Italy all served on the commission.  We studied the performance of weapons and military action.

Patches by The/Studio: What was your worst experience in the army?

Leonard Heller: Sleeping in a pup tent in the mud.

Patches by The/Studio: What do custom patches represent to you?

Leonard Heller: They represent service. Thank you grandpa for sharing your patch story with us and thank you to all the veterans for their service. Happy Veterans Day!!!!

Below is a picture of my grandpa’s patch , we didn’t create this one but we would love to recreate this beautiful patch. And the handsome man below is my grandpa when he was 23 years old.

75th infantry patch veterans day

75th infantry actual picture veterans day

my beautiful, kind, best man in the world grandpa veterans day




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