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“HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall”

Meet Mike Rinowski, Our Customer of the Week

The/Studio: Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Mike: Hello, I’m Mike Rinowski, and I have a story.

By mother’s recollection, my free-spirited nature developed soon after I learned to walk. The world was a long ways from a small town in North Dakota where I learned to hook bait, shoot straight, string a bow, and to not drink alter wine—before mass. I found passion for life on a motorcycle in 1974, with Harley Davidsons since 1980. Tales of adventure inspired me to follow in the tracks of many—my road trips and escapades crossed America. After a career change with a degree in golf course operations, I moved to Asia in 1997; and adventures rolled down from the Great Wall, into the Himalaya, down/under, and among Komodo Dragons in the wild. I had fun.

In 2008, I resigned from my job in Singapore with intentions towards the beaches of Bali. But a phone call led to an offer that changed my life. To have a Harley Davidson in Vietnam was as much of a surprise as my job in Hanoi.


The/Studio: Sounds like an amazing adventure! What is the story behind the custom product that you produced with The/Studio?

Mike: Things changed eight months after my Fat Boy arrived. My joy ride turned into an adventure that led me on a journey that consumed me for the next five years. I had set a quest to honor American and allied soldiers who died in Vietnam. It was unique, yet, a simple and natural act of gratitude, and then I would continue with my career. I thought my quest was complete three times, but fate, or a higher power, had other plans. After seven times up and down the country, I had logged 41,000 miles across Vietnam, in which I bonded with the spirits of my generation, and lived vicariously for them with my Fat Boy–we had fun.

After 15 years in Asia, I returned to America to write my story. Unknown to me, it wasn’t over.




The/Studio: That is beautiful! How are you going to use this custom product?

Mike: I’ll wear my patches to spread the news that our Vietnam Veterans were honored in a most unique manner–with America’s freedom machine over their battlegrounds in the spirit of freedom.



The/Studio: What did you do with your story and what is it about?

Mike: I sell my book, “HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall”, which entertains, but more importantly, it keeps those who served, and those who died there, in memory.

The/Studio: What have you learned since writing your book?

Mike: Through 6,000+ hours, I learned how to write a great story. It’s praised for being crisp, detailed, and flawlessly edited. Until “Harley Tracks”, no one ever called my stories poignant and epic, or bold, brazen, and seriously badass. There are no stories like mine.

The/Studio: I am excited to read your book! What about “HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall” are you most proud of?

Mike: I am humbled by testimonials, readers’ comments, and the thanks I’ve received for my ride.

The/Studio: What are some of the greatest challenges you face with your book?

Mike: The literary world is tough, and I’m a little guy with a big story. I committed to efforts and expense to make a professional presentation to honor those I rode for, and worthy of a readers time. I’m on a learning curve for promotion and marketing, and I appreciate all the exposure and sales I can get.

The/Studio: Do you have any upcoming events that our community members can attend?

Mike: Yes, with dates pending. I’ll post on Harley Tracks facebook, and

The/Studio: Where do you see your book in 10 years?

Mike: Recognized by millions of readers who have helped me to help others.

The/Studio: Do you have any promotions you would like to offer our community?

Mike: The promotion of gratitude and virtue in my story.

The/Studio: I love that! What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Mike: It comes from an awareness that grew through my journey. I’m a simple guy who lives an abstract life, but in heart and soul I’m like many. With all personal and emotional distractions aside, willfully or otherwise, each of us would act with faith and in a virtuous manner. When a soldier sacrifices for freedom, he sacrifices for a free-spirited nature. A president once said, “Our privileges cannot exceed our obligations.” Let sacrifices not be made in vain.

For a further introduction to my journey, lots of photos, and the book, please visit:

Thank you, Thank a Vet, & Never Forget


Thank you, Mike, for sharing your amazing story with us. We appreciate your journey to honor our veterans.




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