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A Helpful Custom Embroidered Patches Tip

A Helpful Custom Embroidered Patches Tip

When it comes to custom embroidered patches , there is a lot to learn! When I first started working for Hero Patches , I knew very little about custom embroidered  patches but with an eagerness to learn and some patience , I soon gained a wealth of knowledge about custom  embroidered patches . I have now been with the company for 4 years and I am still learning new things. One of the main reasons  I write these blogs is to share my patch knowledge with our customers. I think it’s important that our customers truly understand the patch process. Along the way they will pick up some useful tips , that will benefit them through the entire process.

Today’s helpful custom patch tip is regarding camouflage twill. Camouflage twill is a great twill option we offer , but it is important to understand that if you order multiple custom embroidered patches , the pattern of the camouflage will look a little different.

Let me explain further , Camouflage twill is much like the pattern of wallpaper.  For example, the pattern of a twill may repeat itself every so many inches.  If the patch is 2.5″ then there will be two different patterns on the twill of each patch. Please keep in mind , if you need the background to be exact on each patch , you will have to choose 100% embroidery coverage.

I hope this custom embroidered patches tip has been beneficial for those customers contemplating using camouflage twill on their next custom patch order. That being said , you can never go wrong with camouflage , choosing this twill will make quite the statement on any embroidered emblem!

Below is an example , of what was described above. Each circle represents a patch location.  The background of each patch twill is different.


camo custom embroidered patches (2)








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