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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Shop

The busy holiday shopping season is close, and it’s time for small businesses to stock up on custom gift items to get the most out of the holiday season.

According to Deloitte, they are projecting holiday sales for 2020 to be somewhere between $1,147 billion and $1,152 billion. Yes, the market is massive! However, small business owners can still get overshadowed during the holidays by the flashy commercials and massive deals offered by large retail establishments. 

So what can you do to keep your holiday sales up? It’s simple: 

Stock up on Holiday Inventory

Imagine running out of high demand items and turning away customers. A nightmare, right? To avoid this, make sure your best-sellers are readily available. Stock up on branded gifts and items that make your merchandise more distinctive. 

Also, talk to your vendors about discounts or extended payment terms, especially if you’ll be buying in bulk.

Stockpile Custom Gift Items

Indisputably, customized gifts have become a significant player in the gift-giving world. If engraving a loved one’s name or including some heartwarming lines can turn ordinary gifts into something unique, what’s not to love? 

Allowing customers to customize gifts minimizes the stress of searching for that unique item from thousands of gifts.

Put Your Inventory Online 

Having an online store is important for small businesses that want to capture this growing part of the holiday market. It is the perfect way to show off unique branded products and holiday specials. 

However, if you can’t get your inventory online before the holiday rush, make a small collection of the “must-haves” this holiday season. Put those products up for sale online.

Let’s take a look at some high-in-demand custom holiday gifts.


Custom Fitted Hats

There is a hat for almost any occasion — a sun visor to protect your face from the sun; a baseball for your next baseball game; a beanie for when it’s chilly… Be it winter or summer; people want a trendy headwear to buy. 

Also, hats help display embroidered styles perfectly. In this era of fast fashion, embroidery depicts a personal attitude towards clothing. So take advantage of this trend by creating a collection of customized hats.

Face Masks

Face masks have become a symbol of virtue and safety. Plus, they are the perfect gift for teachers, students, and those who want to show their personality behind a mask.

As a result, their demand has surged, causing scarcity, price gouging, and an eruption of DIY projects. And sometimes, finding an available mask that’s ready to be shipped is difficult, making it one of the sought after items this season.

Add a collection of custom face masks to your store to expand your inventory, attract new customers, and slow the spread of COVID-19 this holiday season.


Custom Socks are hot right now. That’s right! Socks are trendy and have come to stay. Now, socks are not just protective coverings for the legs. They are an important part of any stylish look and a great beginner product for small business owners. 

Like bags, graphic tees, mugs, and phone cases, you can quickly market socks to a niche. Think about it – everybody wears socks. With countless designs, product options, demographics, and uses, selling to a specific audience won’t be difficult.


Custom Stickers alien

Stickers are easy and inexpensive to create, plus you can design matching sticker sets for any item in your inventory. Let’s say a customer chooses to buy socks with a design. While checking out, you suggest a matching sticker. Since he is buying anyway, he will likely add the sticker to his cart too!

Custom stickers are the best upselling product. If your customers develop interests in them, you can as well create a comprehensive sticker collection.

You can even order a few that could be used as a label for that gift your customer is planning to buy at the counter.

We hope this gift guide will help make your holiday sale season a success! What are you waiting for? Start making your designs now with The/Studio for some marketing magic.




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