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Honoring our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day

I am always caught off guard when I hear people say “Happy Memorial Day”. There is nothing that is happy about this day. How can a day where we honor our fallen soldiers for sacrificing their lives be a happy occasion? On this day, I always find myself thinking of military families who have lost their loved ones and how they probably are not barbecuing or going to Las Vegas. No, they are reflecting on a life lost, a brave and noble life at that.

I don’t want to be a part of the sensationalism, that is Memorial Day. I wanted to find my own way to honor our fallen soldiers.  So I decided to find a veteran that could tell us how he honors his fallen brothers. Please, before you go out and enjoy your Memorial Day, think about why you are able to do so and thank these men and women for your freedom.

“The main reason I had the patch made is when my fallen Brothers of Arms and I designed a patch together, we made a sworn oath with each other that each one of us would get a tattoo of it. So we could wear it as a lifetime code of honor that we would never be able to take off. It would show who we are and how proud we are to be called 101st Airborne. That code of honor still has a meaning, to show respect for those who have served and died before us and after us. Also, for those that are still serving.

Since I never got the tattoo and I am the last four, I wanted to do something so I could always have the Code of Honor on me. I wanted to keep my promise to my Brothers of Arms and not let them down, even though I am the only one that still stands. To the die I day, I will not forget their sacrifice and so many others.

There is no amount of words that can be said. How I wish it had been me instead of them, gone to the beyond. As I wear this patch every single day, this is a way for me to remind people of what has been sacrificed to make sure we keep our freedom. Freedom does not come free, there is always a price”










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