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How a Custom Embroidered Emblem is Made

How a Custom Embroidered Emblem is Made

I think it is really important for our customers to know and understand how a custom embroidered emblem  is made because it allows our customers to appreciate how involved and delicate the patch process is. There are many steps that go into the creating a custom embroidered emblem, it takes skill and patience when creating a custom patch, as well as years of experience. Let me take you through the process of creating a custom embroidered emblem with you, you will be amazed at how the process works.

After you have your concept and design in place, your creative specialist will send your ideas to our talented artist. Our artist will create a mock-up sample (digital sample) of what your custom embroidered emblem will look like, after your mock-up sample has been approved we can then move forward with a DST design, created by our talented digitizers. Once we have a DST of your design we our ready to create a sewn-out sample of your custom embroidered emblem.

Before we can create the sewn-out sample, we have to match our thread to the colors that are on the DST design. We have to make sure the thread is identical to the colors that were picked by our customer, if the colors are even slightly different that can ruin our customers vision, we pride ourselves in being able to create exactly what our customers want. After the threads are matched perfectly we can begin the sewn-out sample process.

The sewn-out sample process is crucial, this allows our customers to see exactly what their custom patches will look like before the emblems go to production. If you want to add anything or change anything to your embroidered insignia, this is the time to do so because we have unlimited edits, at no charge at all to our customers. You can submit your edits on to our system and even leave a note for the designer. After you have approved your sewn-out sample, we are ready for actual production of your custom patches!

We use the highest quality Tajima embroidery machines, we make sure that your custom patches are embroidered perfectly before delivering them to you. We go through each insignia making sure every detail has been embroidered. After we have gone through each custom patch and made sure your custom patches are perfect, they are ready to be packaged and delivered!

I hope after explaning how a custom patch is made, our customers will be able to see how we take great pride and care through the whole custom patch process and that we really care about creating custom quality patches and giving the best customer service!

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