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How To Fill Out a Patches by The/Studio Quote Form

Although Patches by The/Studio has a very user friendly website , visiting any website for the first time can still be a little confusing. Unfamiliarity can be frustrating and the last thing we want is our customers to be frustrated. We want our customers to order their custom patches with clarity and confidence. I would like to explain in detail how to fill out a Patches by The/Studio quote form. After you are finish reading this blog , I am confident you will have all the necessary knowledge to start the patch process.

How To Fill Out a Patches by The/Studio Quote From

Step # 1 : First things first , you must go to

Step # 2: You will see the quote form on the right side of the webpage.

Step # 3 : You will then fill out your name in the “name section” .

Step # 4: Next to the “name section” is the “phone number section”. Please enter the phone number where we can best reach you.

Step # 5: Please submit your email address.

Step # 6: Please submit the quantity of custom patches you desire.

Step # 7 : Enter the size you want your custom emblems to be.

Step # 8: Enter the type of patch backing you would like.

Step # 9 : Enter the date that you wish to receive your custom patches.

Step # 10 : If you have an image you would like us to use as a  reference , you can upload the image.

Step # 11 :  Please let us know if you have any special request or if you want to use any special materials. Tell us anything you think we need to know about your custom patch. Enter all of this information in our notes section.

Step # 12 : Don’t forget to press SUBMIT!

After you have submitted your quote inquiry , you will be assigned your very own creative specialist. Your creative specialist will send you a quote within 2- 4 hours , most of the time a lot sooner! After you have received your quote , your creative specialist will be in contact with you shortly. They will assist you through the entire patch process, from beginning to end.

Thank you for reading this blog on how to fill out the Patches by The/Studio Quote form. We look forward to assisting you with your custom patch order. And remember your patch quote is just a click away!

Below are pictures to accompany these step by step quote form instructions!




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