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How Patches for Girl Scouts Bring Your Group Closer Together

The lives of countless girls have been changed and touched by their involvement in Girl Scouts. This time honored and still relevant club plays a vital role in our communities, in our schools and in our families. Why? Because girls from all walks of life are accepted, loved and valued in the Girl scouts. And to help your group of girls feel a part of it more than ever, invest in patches for Girl Scouts for their uniforms and casual gear.

Patches for the Whole Group

Your scout group’s emblem is sacred and a quick visual reminder of the camaraderie and friendships formed within. A patch with that emblem can be sown onto school bags, jackets and ball caps, allowing your girls to carry it with pride wherever they go. Help them to identify with your group at school, in the neighborhood and anywhere their travels take them – it will strengthen the unity and help them bring the true spirit of scouting into the world beyond your clubhouse or community center.

Patches for Events

Girl scout camp is an unforgettable experience and organizers can help make that experience even more memorable with labelled clothing and gear. Order custom patches with your camp name, date and a logo or emblem for use with t-shirts, ball caps, tote bags and countless other camping items. This will give the girls something special to take home, something that can remind them all year long about that incredible summer experience.

Patches for Girl Scouts are an integral part of your club. From badges earned to group identification and capturing the essence of memorable moments, these small tokens will have a major effect on your group of girls.

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