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How Startups and SMBs Can Take Advantage of Our Black Friday Blowout Sale

November 25, 2020

How Startups and SMBs Can Take Advantage of Our Black Friday Blowout Sale

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping sales of the year along with Cyber Monday. Personal shoppers and businesses are already getting their ducks in a row, waiting for the big day to take advantage of all the discounts, promos, and coupons.

Are you a new startup business owner, or does your current business have big promotional plans sometime next year? If you are, then keep reading!

Even though your business isn’t operational yet or won’t be operational until early next year, our Black Friday Blowout Sale is just for you, and here’s why. 

One word – SAVINGS, and more savings means more profit for your business. If there’s anything that a new startup business needs more than good operational strategies, it’s money. The more money you can save on operating costs, the more money you can invest in your business or save for future expenses. 

In this regard, how can start-ups take advantage of our Black Friday Blowout Sale?

Stock Products at the Lowest Price Possible


Are you running a coffee shop, or do you sell branded items? 

You’ll be able to get the custom products you need at lower prices during a Black Friday Sale. Remember that the prices will be exclusive around that time, so think carefully but make a decision before the promotions end because there may not be another sale like that in the future.

Save on custom upgrades and earn more profit

glow in the dark

Glow-in-the-dark upgrade

The/Studio is capable of so many possible customizations, and this is your chance to put more upgrades. You’ll spend the same amount for production, but you can up the value of your item due to the upgrade, which means there are more opportunities for you to increase your profit by giving a different variation of your customers’ favorite designs.

Prepare giveaways at a Black Friday discount price

Every business owner learns that incentives drive sales, and what better incentive to start your business with than a gift or giveaway merch? Think pins, patches, and stickers with the business logo on it, which acts as a double purpose for customers to promote your brand.

Savings on Labels and Packaging

custom labels

One of the top things that every business needs to be operational are labels and packaging. The best part of ordering these from our Black Friday Blowout Sale is that you can get it long before your opening day. Think of it as assembling all the essential parts you’ll need to be operational. 

With our Black Friday Blowout Sale, you can order any label at Black Friday exclusive promo prices so take note of this now. 


We don’t have to give more reasons to make the most out of Black Friday for your business. If you’re able to plan your resources early, you’ll be able to take advantage of the discounts, promos, and low prices offered that could surely help jumpstart the business with minimal cost on materials or production. 

If you have not started making plans to order labels, packaging, and branded merch from us, start today. You’ve still got some time, so look through our product catalogue and get started with your customized items today.



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