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How to Create Backpack Pins That Are as Unique as You Are

Life’s an adventure. And, there’s something to be said about how backpacks are the item that most often accompany us on these adventures. Why not define your own bag with a uniqueness of its own via custom add-ons like one-of-a-kind backpack pins and accessories? Whether you hope to make a stylish statement with a personalized lapel pin or a culture statement with a favorite television or movie character, custom backpack pins help you stand out in your own chosen style, wherever life is taking you.

Backpack pins carry an especially popular appeal for online stores or small businesses looking to add to an accessories line, while teams and clubs have a full array of options related to the special ways to embellish backpacks.

Creating Unique Custom Backpack Pins

Creating custom backpack pins that are unique and expressive first calls for the right custom pin design and a helpful online creator’s design tool for regular orders. Otherwise, you’ll be emailing or calling a provider who may not be able to provide the selections you need at the right minimum order quantities (MOQs). And they may take days to get back with you!

Once you’ve located a quality provider with a great online creation tool, you can decide what type of pins you want to create. Here’s an overview of some types of custom backpack pins that especially stand out in a crowd, contributing to your overall style.

1. Brand icons. Whether it be as a proven branding strategy for independent businesses or iconic ones like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Nike, brand icons are a continuing fad for backpack pins

2. Life quotes, favorite sayings, or verses. If you’re buying for small businesses or even churches, life quotes, sayings, and scriptures can go a long way in inspiring your customers, stakeholders, and members

3. Pets and animals. Pets and animals are always a backpack favorite. You can include a full collection of wild and domestic animals or design custom pet accessories such as face socks, pins, and hats

4. State emblems or travel pins. Create a collection of state and travel pins representing different areas and cultures. From Texas-shaped pins to travel sayings like “passport to adventure” or “Route 66,” you’ll be able to share travel collectors’ pins as part of your online store or adventure club offerings

5. School mascot and spirit pins. From lions, tigers, and bears to rattlers and bobcats, schools, teams, and online stores can include a full line of mascot and school spirit pins

6. Cheerleading clubs. Megaphones and team messages pinned to your backpack and apparel will help your club stand out from all of the rest

7. Themed or company slogans. These are great for debate clubs, project teams, or theatre companies looking for a unique way to drive home a particular message or idea

8. Punk or rock style. Some themes never die. Whether you’re repping your favorite band or sporting a guitar pin or musical instrument, you can rock on in style

9. VSCO backpacks or outdoor backpacks. Whether you’re styling with Fjällräven’s Kånken backpack or going camping with a military or scout troop, backpack pins work for convenience and for rugged exploration

10. Pins for a cause.  Fundraising is made simple by adding a custom backpack pin for PTA, booster clubs, and more

11. Smile and heart emojis. Popular emojis are another way to carry messages across languages and cultures with these easily-recognized symbols

12. Athletics pins, golf, swimming, and unique sports pins. If your team or online customers are seeking pins for various athletics purposes, you can create a full line for the sport or sports you love. Whether it be more traditional sports like basketball or football or unique sports like golf, swimming, or rugby, the options are endless for custom lapel pins

Now that you’ve discovered some special ways to wear backpack pins, here are some customization options that will help you create the pin of your dreams.

Customization Options for Backpack Pins

A reputable custom designer of backpack pins will offer a wide range of possibilities so that you can the exact pin you’ve been imagining. The following options should always be available to you:

• The size you want. Whether it be .5 inch or 2.5 inches, you can select a small or large size, depending on your preferences

• Low MOQs. Orders are available in low minimum order quantities (MOQs) at lower per-unit pricing 

• Style:

• Soft enamel. Soft enamel offers both raised and lowered surfaces with enamel and some texture

• Hard enamel. Hard enamel offers a smoother, more polished appearance with less texture and can be purchased from an enamel pin manufacturer

• Die struck are no color pins with a design in raised and recessed metal, similar to a coin

• 3D mold. The 3D mold selection ensures your fully-customizable shape, detail, and design is incorporated into the final product

• Material finish such as shiny gold or silver or brushed brass

• A range of colors to choose from so that you don’t have to sacrifice a bold look

• Type of backing attachments. You may prefer butterfly, rubber, or deluxe clutches

• Additional upgrades such as:

• Engraving and embossing options

• Fine and coarse sandblasting is a procedure where an abrasive material applies against the metal to roughen the overall texture of the surface of the pin

• Rhinestones let the bling speak for itself 

• Translucent enamel coating which is a clear coating that further polishes your custom pin

A wide range of customization options will definitely take your pins to the next level. When you’re prepared to order these special backpack pins or create other items like custom challenge coins for your online store, small business, teams, or club members, ensure that you’re working with a designer who can offer all this and more.

Ordering Custom Pins You’ll Love

Are you ready to order backpack pins that are as unique as you are? The/Studio is happy to help. With our on-demand, creators’ design tool, you can go online anytime to create custom backpack pins with the ability to select the various style and appearance options to make just the right impression.

Plus, The/Studio will help you cut down on costs for creating uniquely-designed backpack pins or pin collections through lower-per-unit pricing, low MOQs, and free shipping. Before you know it, you, your customers, members, and teammates will have the perfect custom backpack pins they need to set out for life’s many adventures in style.

The/Studio is a custom pin designer that enables creators to design custom backpack pins that are unique and available in low MOQs at lower per-unit pricing. If you’re interested in creating custom backpack pins for your special event or e-store, contact us or create your product today.

Image Credit | Dudarev Mikhail | Shutterstock




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