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How to Display Challenge Coins

Some of us find joy in the littlest of things, be it a child’s smile or an extensive collection of custom challenge coins.

If you are a challenge coin collector, you know how satisfying it is to bring out each coin in your collection and admire them.

But did you know that there is a story behind each challenge coin? The oldest challenge coin is from the 17th Infantry Regiment coin.  But people believed it date back even further than the 1950s.

So if you have a collection of challenge coins, you need a good storage space to keep them. This is where “display” comes in. You need a special challenge coin display box to suit your needs; especially if you’re just starting out.

But what makes a great coin display case? Aesthetics? Function? Regardless, there are many options for a challenge coin display. You can choose to have a single large display to show off all the coins you’ve collected over the years. 

Also, you could go for a smaller case to show off that one unique coin that crowns your coin collecting days. 

Here are some challenge coin display options to make your coins shine.

Coin Case Display 

A coin case display is perfect if you have a large number of custom challenge coins in your collection. The display is made out of dark-coloured wood covered inside by a velvet material. There are also grooves made into the interior part of this display to make room for the coins. 

This display case has a glass door, which makes it easier for people to view your collection without touching it. They can just look into the case and see the coins.

Indeed, this type of coin display case is perfect for a home or office. You can also mount it on a wall or a desk – it comes with provision for that. I’d advise you to install this coin case on the wall because of its large size. 

Slant Top Coin Display 

Remember when we talked about bigger display cases for a large collection of coins? If you have an extensive collection challenge coin collection, a tabletop slant top coin display will serve you perfectly. 

It can accommodate as much as 80 challenge coins without ruining the presentation. When full, it makes a great addition to your desktop.

The slant top coin display is usually made from luxury wood like walnut and looks stunning when full. However, it might not have the right aesthetic impact when it isn’t full. 

Multi-Tiered Pyramid Case 

If you are a fan of elaborate gestures, you’ll love this case. It is the most elaborate coin display case of all the two cases above. 

This coin display is designed in a pyramid with a wide base and a narrow apex. It could contain tiers as little as three that are for displaying coins. 

With the pyramid tier, you can display coins from all angles, and that’s an advantage over the other display types. You might see all the coins in one or mount this display on your desk or wall like the two displays above. But this display is larger and more fanciful than the rest.

Wooden Wall Holder

A wooden wall holder has a customizable framework to display the coins in all their grandeur. It is the ideal display case if you want to house a large selection of coins. And it will hold more than 50 coins without appearing congested.

Finding the perfect display option for your coin collection doesn’t need to be difficult. Custom challenge coins aren’t designed for storage —display your coins and let people admire them. You can also grow your collection to add unto your showcase of custom challenge coins




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