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How to Make Custom Stickers

Customized stickers offer brand recognition that sticks. You can add your flair to any surface with high-quality, personalized stickers. Here’s how. 

By Owen Clarke

Every brand or business needs high-quality custom stickers. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling them at the counter of your coffee shop or giving them out for free to promote your apparel company (or just making custom stickers for you and your friends to enjoy!). 

Stickers are the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get your designs out into the world. Customized stickers let you add your panache to a laptop, water bottle, cooler, helmet, brick wall, toilet bowl… We could go on.  

The point is that custom stickers are great for everyone, from international fashion brands to backyard rock bands. Here at The/Studio, we craft high-quality, personalized stickers with no minimum. Order custom stickers in bulk, or order a single one-of-a-kind sticker just for yourself.

Don’t DIY Your Custom Stickers

It’s both expensive and difficult to make your own stickers, but the real problem with DIYing custom stickers is that it’s almost impossible to match the quality of professional sticker machines. No one wants a sticker that wrinkles and falls off after a few weeks, or that leaves behind that irritating sticky residue when you try to peel it off. It’s not just a bummer for whoever got the sticker, it’s bad for the brand or organization that sticker is promoting.

Here at The/Studio, you get the best of both worlds. We won’t tell you how to design your sticker. You’re the master of your vision. We’re just experts in making that vision come to life. 

You design the sticker. We make it for you. It’s that simple. 

Do Your Research

The quality of stickers varies widely. We’ve all seen (or purchased) shoddy custom stickers that neither apply well nor come off well. We’ve all dealt with stickers that peel off or fray at the edges. If you want to make stickers that really POP and last for the long haul, be cautious before you just pull the trigger with any old bulk custom stickers company. Consider things such as:

  • Price 

  • Quality 

  • Turnaround Time 

  • Hands-On Customer Service

  • Special Options 

There are plenty of brands that can help you design custom stickers. But here at The/Studio, we offer you dozens of customization options to truly make your stickers unique, beyond simply copypasting your design. 

You can choose from a variety of sticker styles, such as vinyl, metallic, and hologram stickers, customize sticker cut, add upgrades like embossing, clear epoxy domes, UV lamination, gold foil stamping, front-facing application, and more. Pick from sticker sizes of 0.5” up to 12,” and with no order minimum, you can make as many or as few stickers as you want!

At The/Studio, you’re only limited by your imagination. 

Decide Which Type of Sticker you Want 

We offer six different types of customized stickers, and each works well for different applications. Read on to learn a bit more about the different types of custom-made stickers you can make here at The/Studio.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are our most popular type of custom sticker. Featuring your design printed onto a white vinyl backing, these stickers are the classic “sticker” you’re probably familiar with. They’re great for free giveaways, shipping with products, and pretty much any common sticker application. 

Clear Stickers

Clear stickers are fairly self-explanatory. We print your design on clear backing, creating a “see-through” look. Clear stickers, like vinyl stickers, are an extremely versatile sticker type.

Kraft Paper Stickers

If you’re looking for a rustic, natural look for your brand, then Kraft paper stickers are an excellent option. With these, we print your design onto brown paper backing, creating a vintage aesthetic.

Metallic Stickers

Metallic stickers feature your design printed onto a glossy metallic backing, creating a shiny, industrial look that’s great for making your sticker stand out after it’s applied.

Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers put your design onto a multicolored, holographic color spectrum, creating a futuristic look that glistens and shines from all angles. For stickers that truly catch the eye, you can’t beat the hologram.

Car Stickers

Printed on a water-resistant, highly-adhesive PVC backing, Car stickers are designed for… well, cars! These stickers will hold up in the wind, rain, and cold weather, and stand out visually when placed on a car bumper.

How Stickers are Made (Behind the Scenes)

Our state-of-the-art sticker machines can whip up batches of flawless stickers in no time, whether holograms, car stickers, or traditional vinyl stickers. But we don’t need to tell you, we can show you!

Learn how stickers are made by watching the process yourself HERE!

The Custom Sticker Ordering Process 

When you craft personalized stickers with us, you have two choices. You can use the CREATE TOOL to design your stickers all by yourself, or you can chat directly with one of our Creative Specialists to get a bit of guidance and free designs before you start.

Regardless, here are the steps you’ll take!

  1. Choose the size of the sticker.
  2. Choose the type of sticker (see the options above).
  3. Customize features the sticker cut, material specifications, and other upgrades to make your sticker stand out. 
  4. Submit your design. If you have a design already drawn up, you can submit that. If not, you can have one of our artists create a FREE sticker design for you. 
  5. Once you submit your design and it’s digitized, you’ll receive a digital mock-up of your sticker, and you can approve it or make edits.
  6. That approved design will be turned into a prototype sticker. You’ll receive a picture of your physical prototype and you can approve it, or make edits.
  7. Finally, your feedback will be used to craft your very own custom stickers. Soon, you’ll receive your stickers by mail!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re unsure of anything about the process, take time to read through frequently asked questions from other custom sticker creators who’ve crafted their stickers with us. Chances are, whatever questions you may be pondering have probably been asked and answered already! 




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