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How to React to Fashion Trends Quickly

In today’s hyper-connected, fractured markets, consumer whims change more quickly than ever. In order to stay on top, brands must be able to react nimbly to these changes. But what practical steps should brands take to react more quickly to fashion trends?

It boils down to a combination of data analysis and agile manufacturing, through the smart use of today’s best tech. Let’s break that down below, shall we?

Data Analytics

To respond quickly to fashion trends, brands have to have a finger on the pulse of their target audiences. More often than not, this means you need strong data analytics.

Much of this data should come from social media. If you haven’t already, build or buy a trusty social monitoring tool to help comb and synthesize all that social media data. You can make use of other analytics tools outside of social, too, to keep an eye on what people are saying, thinking, feeling, and searching all over the web.

It’s not enough just to pay attention to what people are saying about your brand – you need to hear what they’re saying about your industry as a whole, and about their values in general. Buy or build tools to measure trends, influencers, and competitor presence.

Trends & Concepts – What products are your target customers excited about right now? What are they buying, mentioning, or complaining about? What do they care about? Analyzing the answers to these questions will give you tons of insight into what’s in, and how your brand can contribute to needs in the market.

Influencers – Who are your target customers paying attention to? Who holds sway, and what do they care about? Influencers hold a mirror to consumers at large, so tap into data from their social presence.

Competitors – What do customers love and hate about your top competitors? Competitor data analysis can offer a wealth of information about what makes customers tick.

Once you have these rich insights, use them. Incorporate trend, influencer, and competitor data into your design and development process. By creating an intuitive link between what consumers are saying and what you’re creating, you’re signaling to audiences that you value what they value.

Most importantly, you’ll be better able to anticipate and respond to those values with high-quality product.

Small Batch Quick Return Manufacturing

Data analysis doesn’t do much good if you don’t have the infrastructure to produce the goods audiences want when they want them. That’s where agile manufacturing – with its access to smaller batches and faster turnaround times – comes in.

Access to small batch manufacturing lets you order in smaller batches at affordable price points and with shorter lead times. With smaller batches, you can test markets, release smaller and more unique lines, and serve niche markets, making you that much faster in your response to trends.

To learn more, check out Five Steps to Small Batch Quick Turn Manufacturing.

Don’t Forget Consumer Experience

Trend and concept data analysis and access to small batch, quick return manufacturing are only half the battle. To get your product into consumers’ hands, you also want to make sure you can meet them where they are by offering an omnichannel brand presence.

Optimize your e-commerce platforms for shoppers, making sure they can see you on (and even shop from) social media. Aim for a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Learn More with The/Studio

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