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I just Purchased a Mac Laptop Continued


I’m really not trying to exaggerate or be dramatic, but get a Mac yourself and you will immediately understand what I am talking about.  Earlier this year I invested in a Dell Streak mobile phone and I was proud of myself that I didn’t follow the crowd and buy an iPhone.  My friends were intrigued and wanted to play with it.  After a few minutes everyone would have the same disappointed reaction, which was that it was nowhere near as nice as their iPhone.  At first I tried to defend the Dell, but a few minutes of playing with my friend’s iPhone, there was nothing I could say.  I obviously wasted my money and should have purchased an iPhone.  Just small things such as the speed and smoothness in which the iPhone reloads and is ready to take the next picture, completely blew away my Dell Streak.  The screen on the iPhone is nicer, the touch screen is more sensitive and accurate and the quality of the picture that it takes is superior.


I hear a lot of negative comments that Apple products are overpriced, and that Steve Jobs just fooled people with good marketing and packaging.  In my opinion that argument has no merit.  Read these two articles about how overly infatuated Steve Jobs was with details.

He was just a man that knew how to create the best experience for his customers, and he didn’t spare one detail.

There is a reason why Apple is the most valuable technology company on Earth.  I remember my father advised me to invest in Apple 6 or 7 years ago when the stock was trading at around $30.  Unfortunately, I didn’t invest, but if I did, my investment would have increased over 10 fold in just 6 or 7 years.

Steve Jobs created an amazing platform, and if they can just build on that platform I think Apple has the capacity to continue to grow exponentially.  Namely I feel that Apple hasn’t even began to tap into the corporate market, and I believe more and more companies will see the value of their product.  Furthermore,

Apple still has enormous growth opportunities in China and India, as well as other developing markets.  If Apple were to come out with an iPhone that catered to the $200 to $250 market, then I really think they could have amazing growth in developing countries.  Furthermore, what if Apple started to apply their brilliance to other electronic products such as televisions, or even came out with a line of appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves. It’s not far fetched, many of the other big tech companies such as Samsung do this.  I would consider an Apple branded refrigerator.

Bottom line is I have learned a lot from my Mac Book Pro.  Namely create the best consumer experience that you can, and you will be rewarded properly.







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