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Which President Wore the Custom Patch Best?

February 15, 2016

Which President Wore the Custom Patch Best?

Which President Wore the Custom Patch Best?


by Jehan Loren


Happy President’s Day

This is the only day of the year where we can openly celebrate each and every President of the United States of America without being judged by our political party. Of course we all have a favorite President that we believed made the country great again, before it became Donald Trump’s Campaign Slogan. For some it was the Reagan administration and for others it was the Clinton administration (calm down I am referring to the Bill Clinton administration). Either way on this special day, we honor all of our American Presidents.

In celebration of President’s Day, we thought we would invite you to play a fun game of “Which President wore the Custom Patch Best?”

[polldaddy poll=9307143]

All jokes aside, President’s Day is a very important day, one that should be respected. No matter your political affiliation, I think most of us can agree that every President has contributed something to our beautiful country. Our Presidents all have one thing in common and that is their love for our country. So on this President’s Day, I want to sincerely thank the past, present and future Presidents of the United States of America.




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