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Ideas On Where You Can Adhere Your Custom Patch

July 16, 2015

Custom patches are no longer just for girl scouts or boy scouts , anyone can wear a custom emblem! Custom embroidered patches are a great way to show off your individual personality. We allow our customers to customized their very own custom insignia , they choose their design , concept and special material etc. Embroidered emblems are very dynamic , they can be worn on anything! I am going to go over where and how you can display a custom patch. I think you will see just how versatile custom patches are!

Custom patches look extraordinary on shirts , sweatshirts and jackets. You can adhere a custom emblem to the corner of a polo shirt or place a custom patch in the middle or the back of your shirt. Embroidered emblems will allow your shirt to be a one of a kind design.

Hats are very popular! Whether it’s a regular baseball hat , castro hat or a beanie, hats are in! We can create a custom patch that will adhered to any hat perfectly!  Shopping  for a hat has never been easier because you can create exactly what your looking for.

Do you have a boring backpack or plain bag? Give life to your bag with a custom embroidered emblem! Customized the perfect patch and adhere to any bag! Let your bag or backpack be a conversation starter! We can create the perfect insignia for this particular accessory. We offer special options that can turn a drab bag into a fabulous bag , make your purse and patch shine with our rhinestone option.

A custom adhesive patch can be used on furniture , appliances and laptops . Adhesive patches can be used to decorate any  bland surface , these patches will bring excitement to any item! Think of them as stickers but 100 times better because they  have a stronger backing and they are embroidered.

As you can see custom patches can be used on anything! They are a great affordable way to add style and fun to everything! So feel free to adhere your custom embroidered patch to anything and everything you can think of , I promise you won’t regret it! Get patch happy!

If you have any questions about where to adhered your custom patches to , contact your creative specialist. They are full of ideas and answers to your questions , they are very knowledgeable about custom emblems. We look forward to assting you with your upcoming patch order , where you put your patch is up to you!

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