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Inspiring Custom Baseball Patches

June 26, 2013

Inspiring Custom Baseball Patches

The custom baseball patchesthat I am about to share with you are truly inspiring. I was having a particularly bad day and these custom baseball patches really lifted my spirits. On this day I received a call from a gentleman from the offices of KPMG, they needed 700 custom baseball patches and were in a big rush, they needed these custom patches within 3 days. They called so many patch companies and no one was able to meet their rush deadline but I assured him that we would be able to meet his deadline and deliver his order in three days. He was so relieved, I could hear his sigh of relief over the phone.

As we were discussing the details of his design, I asked him what RBI stood for, he told me it stood for “Reviving Baseball in Inner cities.” He told me that the program had started in 1989 and has 200,000 participants. The RBI program is administered by MLB, I was so touched to be apart of making these custom baseball patches for such an amazing cause. He told me that the RBi program encourages the youth to excel in academics as well as baseball and prepare the youth to play baseball in college or for the minor leagues.

I thanked him so much for choosing Hero Patches to make these incredible custom baseball patches. He told me that these custom baseball patches were going to be passed out at various MLB games at the front entrance where KMPG would be the sponsor. This was so exciting, our custom baseball patches would be passed out a major league baseball game. I felt famous!

Not only did we create amazing custom baseball patches for them but we got to be apart of something bigger than patches. I will always cherish this patch memory and will forever be inspired by these custom patches.

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