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Inspired by Our Beautiful Products: Part 2 by Joseph

Today I saw three patches that particularly caught my eye.  One was a patch made out of PVC instead of embroidery, and a hook & loop (commonly known as Velcro) was attached to the patch.  We don’t do many PVC patches, and its the first time I have seen a PVC patch with hook & loop attached to the back.  Equally as cool was that the PVC glows in the dark.

paw pvc patch

on cap paw pvc

One promise that we make at The/Studio is that no matter what we will find a solution to our customers needs.  A lot of companies are very stringent in what they will and will not produce.  They have limitations on colors, size, material, etc…  Our company’s philosophy is no matter how difficult it is to produce a particular custom product for our customer, we will find a solution to produce their product, even if it means we will lose money on the order.

I inquired a bit further about this order and found that we basically sold this patch at a loss.  Initially the sales representative was not completely clear on the requirements from the customer and didn’t realize that the customer’s actual requirement would significantly increase our costs.  However, everyone in the organization, both production and sales, acted according to what they have been trained to do in our company.  No matter how outlandish, or challenging the customer’s requirement is, we will do our absolute best to find a solution to meet the customer’s needs.  If the customer was clear about their requirement, and we failed to quote at a higher price in the beginning, we will continue to honor the original price.

This order gave me confidence that our staff is continuing to maintain this tradition of meeting our customer’s customized needs no matter what.  This is especially important now, as our company is faced with increasing competition.  I also realized that we could create glow in the dark PVC patches, and was able to tell our Design Manager to include this as a product that we can manufacture in the next rendition of our website.  I could look at the data all day, but this patch would have never exposed itself from looking merely at the data.

Another order that interested me was an embroidered patch that we are apparently doing for the AFL (Arena Football League) for their Arena Bowl being held in New Orleans.  I didn’t particularly learn anything from this order, but it was cool to see that we are doing an order from the AFL (we also do patches for the NFL).  Everything I experience somehow settles in mental database, so maybe one day I’ll have an epiphany inspired by this patch.  If not its still cool that we made a patch for the Arena Bowl.  At the least I’ll send an email to our VP of Sales, and tell him to ask if the AFL needs any other custom products for the event.  Here is the note I dropped our VP of Sales

We got an order from the AFL (Arena Bowl).  Maybe they need caps or t-shirts or something else?  Lets find out who the customer is (AFL direct or their vendor?) and hit them up.  I don’t know the order number but maybe you can find it out, or if you don’t Jacky can provide it to you tomorrow.





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