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Introducing The Mascot of Patches by The/Studio

I would like to introduce you to our mascot at Patches by The/Studio , her name is Monroe! Monroe is my Siberian Husky , she is named after the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Ms. Monroe was born to be a mascot , she has an extraordinary personality and puts a smile on everyone’s face. She will be 3 years old on August 27th and of course all of her co-workers will be attending her Birthday party! I bet your wondering how Ms. Monroe became the official mascot for Patches by The/Studio , where should  I began?

It all started when I got home from work one afternoon , I was excepting Monroe to be sleeping on her pillow, that’s where I find her every afternoon. But this particular afternoon, I didn’t see Monroe in her usual spot , I began to panic because Siberian Huskies are notorious for escaping. I began to cry hysterically , I went from room to room searching for Ms. Monroe. Lastly , I went into my room, hoping she would be there. I open the door and I find Monroe on my bed with a bunch of custom patches surrounding her.I let out a huge sigh of relief, and I kissed her and hugged her. After reuniting with my lovely husky , I began to wonder how she was able to steal all these custom emblems. I looked at my closet and realized she had gotten into a box that was full of embroidered patch samples. See, even Monroe loves custom patches  , she can’t keep her paws off of them!

After Ms. Monroe’s patch escapade, I returned to work the following day. I took a picture on my phone of Monroe’s fondness for custom embroidered patches and I began showing it to all of my co-workers. My co-workers could not stop laughing, the whole office was in fits of laughter. Our CEO walked in and asked us what was so funny, he said he wanted to laugh too. I showed him the picture and he started laughing , he asked me ” How would Monroe feel about being our official mascot? I want my employees to be in this good of a mood all the time”. I told him she would be honore! He then asked me “When can she start?”.

Ever since that epic day , Monroe comes with me to the office every morning. She is invited to company events and promotional events. She is an amazing mascot!

Below you will see the picture that started it all! Meet Monroe!!!!!




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