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Introducing Plymouth Rock Outdoor Apparel

It has been quite a while since we have shared a customer interview with you, the reason being is that we have been waiting for a unique and inspiring story to come along. Ladies and gentleman, we have finally found that story in Nick and Jamie Wilson. This couple is everything anyone aspires to be. They are adventurous, passionate, and they are young entrepreneurs. They share a love of outdoors and have a zest for life. They will be embarking on a new adventure, as they officially launch their new business, Plymouth Rock.

plymouth rock

Meet Nick and Jamie

Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!
Jamie, my wife, and I currently live in Marietta Georgia, and are 25 years old. We are both easily inspired people with a passion for the outdoors, going on adventures with our dogs as often as possible. We both were raised outside, playing outdoors from sun up to sun down, and that part of our childhood has never left us. Looking around at the generations behind us, we are afraid this lifestyle is fading, and we were quickly inspired to strike up that flame in as many people as we could through our new business, Plymouth Rock. We have always said we want to make a positive difference in the world, and now we have that opportunity. Both inspiring others to get outdoors, while planting a tree for every product sold has become our new purpose.

That’s  a wonderful that you will be plating a tree for every product sold. What a great idea! You and your wife are business partners, how did the two of you meet? 
We met each other while attending Auburn University. Ironically, now that we have started our own adventure gear business, we actually met outdoors at a campfire with friends. This seems like it was yesterday, and now we wake up and have already been married just over a year. Fun fact about Plymouth Rock: our business idea was born on our one year anniversary trip out to the Left Coast. Our brand is a direct representation of this Western adventure.

Congratulations on being married for a year! What have you learned since starting Plymouth Rock?
Where should we begin? The amount we have already learned, in just the last two months, is endless. From the manufacturing process, to licensing, all the way to inventory management strategies, we have learned an incredible amount. Most importantly though, we have learned to gain an appreciation for small business in America. No matter what it looks like on the surface, a business isn’t started or ran overnight, it takes a lot of work. We have also learned to stay focused on our purpose, no matter how busy we get. At the end of the day it isn’t about us and it isn’t about the business, it is about getting other outdoors and preserving that opportunity. We strive to never lose site of how important that is.

Is there a customer experience that you are most proud of?
We officially open for business on August 3rd 2014, so we don’t have a prevalent number of customer experiences to choose from right now. Even so, we are very proud that Calvin Bond, an avid outdoor enthusiast who hikes the AT two years ago and just left last week to hike the John Muir, made it a point to buy a few products before hitting the trail. He was inspired by what our brand stood for and wanted to represent that mission on the trail. It was a rewarding experience to have one of our first customers be so moved by our purpose. Hopefully, we will have many more experiences like this to come.

That’s a wonderful first customer experience! What is your personal favorite product that you sale? 
My personal favorite product is our Teton Day Pack, which actually has a patch from The Studio sewn on the front pocket. This is my favorite because I carry it with me every day, whether I am in the outdoors or not, and it is a true representation of what we stand for, equipping someone for an outdoor adventure at any time.


That’s nice to hear that your personal favorite product has a patch from The/Studio on it. Thank you! What inspires you the most?
I am inspired every day by others getting outdoors and embracing the sense of the unknown. But hands down, my greatest inspiration comes from my wife, Jamie. Since the first day we met, she has constantly been searching for our next adventure, something new on the horizon. Her drive and willingness to take risk and go somewhere new, has molded me into the person I am today, the person I have always wanted to become. Without Jamie, there would be no Plymouth Rock, and everything about her inspires me every single day. I would say not everyone could say that about their business partners, so I do my best not to take it for granted.

Which National Park is your favorite? 
Hands down Tahoe is my favorite because of the sentimental factor. Our business idea, which was the beginning of our new lifestyle, the lifestyle we have dreamed of, was born in this National Park. It will always hold a special place in our hearts and will always be our favorite.


Where will your events be held?
The concept of our events have not fully come to fruition. Since we launch this coming Sunday, our focus has been on the establishment of our business and our operations for the time being. As we noted, we plan to launch these events in 2015, and when we do we plan on them beginning in the Southeast, close to where we are located, but imagine them eventually being all over the country.

If you ever have an event in the Los Angeles area be sure to let us know! Which is your favorite outdoor activity to participate in? 
The outdoor activity I enjoy the most is a toss-up between rock climbing and kayaking. I am not experienced in either of these two activities and that is the main reason I enjoy them the most. Each time out is a learning experience, making it new and exciting each and every time. That being said, as long as I am outside, any activity is enjoyable.

“The literal meaning of the word lost is to be “no longer possessed.” As a company, we are encouraging  each of you to free yourself from the possession of your desk, from technology, and from your stress and get outdoors and lose yourself in nature. The idea of the American Dream has somehow evolved into the concept of stability and safety when our country was in fact founded by those who embraced the sense of risk and adventure. It is time for us to return to our roots, to Plymouth Rock, where it all started, and embark on our own personal expeditions into the unknown.”

We love the above idea! If one wanted to “get lost” how can they do so?

There is no set way to “get lost” and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Everyone knows the limits of their comfort zone, and the concept of “getting lost” is breaking outside those boundaries. The easiest and most rewarding place to do so is in the outdoors. Outside your mind is free of all constraints, and it is easy to get lost in your own thoughts, away from what you know. This concept of getting lost has no guidelines, but we strive to inspire people to get outdoors, enjoy and experience nature, and learn more about who you are and what your passions are in the process. We are planting trees for every product sold to help preserve this opportunity for years to come.

What are some of the greatest challenges you face in your business?

The greatest challenge for our business in the short term is establishing our brand beyond ourselves. Sales outside of where we can market directly, face to face with customers, will be our biggest challenge. To truly grow our brand, we need others outside of our circle to latch on to our brand and run with it. Reaching those outside of this imaginary circle is our most immediate challenge, but is also extremely exciting. We love a challenge, and certainly think this is one as a company we will be able to overcome.

Where do you see Plymouth Rock in 10 years?
In 10 years we hope that Plymouth Rock is making progress to be on the front end of preservation in the outdoor apparel market. Personally, we hope that Plymouth Rock will become the sole provider for our family, allowing us to dedicate our time 100% to our mission. More importantly though, we hope that Plymouth Rock has become a symbol that inspires others to get outdoors, out of their comfort zone, and inspires our kids as well as other kids to enjoy the outdoors, and not to be scared to embrace some risk every now and then.

What is the story behind the custom embroidered patches that you had produced?
Our patches, made by the Studio, are our most versatile and mobile pieces of inspiration for our brand. There is no special story behind the patches. Their development and their purpose is straight to the point. Our brand stands for inspiring others to get lost, while planting trees in the process, and this patch is a mobile representation of that mission. Our patch can be sewn or ironed onto anything: shirts, packs, purses, wallets, life jackets, you name it. This little piece of mobile embroidery is our smallest salesman and tree planter we have. Plain and simple.


Thank you Nick for sharing your story with us and our customers. We are going to see great things from Plymouth Rock. They are a refreshing  and innovative company. They truly care about nature and want to do their part to preserve it. Start your adventure with Plymouth Rock Adventure Gear.

To learn more about Plymouth Rock visit their website.




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