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Introducing Shirts by Shirts by The/Studio

Yesterday I introduced you to our amazing custom caps, today I have the pleasure of introducing our extraordinary custom t-shirts to you. Everyone loves a great t-shirt, t-shirts are fashionable, but are also very comfortable. They are very versatile, you can wear a t-shirt while at the gym or you can pair your t-shirt with some jeans. T-shirts are flattering on any body type and are great for men, woman and children. At Shirts by The/Studio you can customize your own shirt, you become a fashion designer, you decide what type of shirt you want and what you want on your shirt. We offer quality shirts and a variety of different options to make your shirt one of a kind. Forget about going to the busy shopping mall, now your perfect shirt is just a phone call or a click away! Allow me to go through our special options and our shirt process with you, so you can order your custom shirt today!

Choosing a shirt style is very important when designing your custom shirt. When deciding on a custom shirt you need to keep in mind the season and what the purpose of the shirt is for. If it is the Winter season you might want to choose a longer sleeve shirt or if it is the Summer season you might want to  to choose a tank top. Is this shirt going to be worn for everyday use or is this shirt part of a uniform? Asking yourself these questions will assure you get the proper shirt. We offer many styles, there is a style for any occasion!

Shirt Styles We Offer
* Custom Crew Neck T-Shirts
* Custom V- Neck T-Shirts
* Custom Collared Shirts
* Custom Sweatshirts
* Custom Hoodies
* Custom Uniforms

After deciding on a shirt style, you will need to decide if you want prints , patches , or embroidery on your custom shirt. We offer many different print options, custom patch options and embroidery options. Any of these options will look amazing on a custom shirt, it’s just your personal preference.

Printing Options We Offer
* Vinyl Printing
* Screen Printing
* Regular PVC Printing
* Reflective Printing
* Puff Printing
* Metallic Printing
* Holographic Printing
* High Density Inks
* Glow in the dark Printing
* Glitter
* Foil Printing
* Flock Printing
* Crackled Printing

Patch Options We Offer
Can’t decide between a custom patch or a shirt? You don’t have to, you can have both!
* Felt Patches
* Merrowed Border Patches
* Metallic Patches
* Neon Patches
* Puff Patches
* Frayed Edges Patches
* Gingham Patches
* Glow In The Dark Patches
* Vintage Patches
* Regular Embroidered Patches
* Reflective Patches
* Chenille Patches
* Camouflage Patches

Embroidery Options We Offer
We embroidered right on to your custom shirt!
* Regular Embroidery
* Glow In The Dark Embroidery
* Metallic Embroidery
* Neon Embroidery
* Puff Embroidery
* Chenille Embroidery

We provide a easy custom shirt process, with just a few steps you receive your custom shirt in no time!

How The Shirt Process Works

Step 1:
You will need a concept. If you do not have a concept yet ask yourself one question, what is the purpose of this custom shirt? i.e., is it for an event, organization or personal use?

Step 2:
After establishing your concept, you will need to create a sketch or you can find a image on the internet based on your concept.  If you do not have a sketch or a image that you can send to us, we can create one for you.

Step 3:
Our talented artist will create a mock-up sample for you. A mock-up sample is a digital sample of what your custom shirt will look like. After you approve the mock-up sample we are ready to proceed to step 4.

Step 4: After approving your mock-up sample, we will create a actual sample of what your custom shirt will look like. After you approve the sample we can begin actual production on your custom shirts.

Step 5: When your order is complete your shirts will be delivered!

At Shirts by The/Studio we make creating your own custom shirt easy and affordable. You have total artistic control over your shirts, we are just here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. You have the vision, we have the materials, together we can create the shirt of your dreams!




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