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Introducing Sourcing by Sourcing by The/Studio

October 2, 2015

Happy Wednesday!!!!!! We are half way through our work week, YAY!!!!! This week I have been introducing you to our amazing products we offer at The/Studio, today I would like to continue the introductions. Customers meet sourcing, sourcing meet our lovely customers, now that you have been formally introduced, I would like to discuss the plethora of sourcing options we offer at Sourcing by The/Studio and I would also like to discuss the benefits of outsourcing products.

At Sourcing by The/Studio, we are determined to create innovative products that can be used as great promotional tools for businesses and corporations. If you don’t have a product in mind,our talented and creative designers can create a unique product for you.  Our goal is to produce a product that will increase your revenue and build your client base. Below I have listed  some of the products we have designed for companies in the past, we are always creating new products, we can create anything you can think of, so let your imagination run wild or let our imagination run wild for you!

Products We Have Sourced
* Custom Bags
* Custom Buttons
* Custom iphone covers
* Custom Koozies
* Custom Lapel Pins
* Custom Mouse Pads
* Custom Neckties
* Custom USB
* Custom Woven Labels
* Custom Wristbands

I know there is some controversy when it comes to outsourcing but there are a lot of benefits, one of the benefits of outsourcing is you reduce labor cost when you outsource. You will see a reduction on hourly wages, bonuses and taxes. You will also see a decrease in strikes and contract negotiations. Also if you get rid of the cost of having your own plant, you save money on real estate taxes, security , insurance , utilities, etc. The money you save on eliminating your plant can be used for other important aspects of your business, such as training and marketing. At Sourcing by The/Studio, we create the highest quality products , when you outsource with us you are able to view your product before full production starts , you are involved with the process every step of the way to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you want.

The outsourcing trend is here to stay, almost every company outsources, why wouldn’t a company want to decrease cost ,increase quality , increase profits and revenues? Outsourcing is the way of the present and the future, let Sourcing by The/Studio introduce you to sourcing done right!

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