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Intuition by Greg

October 27, 2014

We make a lot of decisions using facts and figures.  I agree this is the best way, and most logical way to make long term decisions that can effect, basically improve, the performance of the company.


However, intuition still plays a big role in our fact gathering methodology.  It is usually what makes us look into the next stage of a good decision making process, which is gathering the facts.
Intuition is really about pattern recognition, about subconsciously picking up on conflicting patterns in a situation.

Intuition Matters

Intuition matters. When something seems wrong, back off, use caution, and gather the facts to make a good decision.

Look For…….

Look for conflicts in patterns. If you’re wanting to hire somebody but he or she has been through three jobs in the last two years, there is a pattern conflict.
If you suspect something is amiss in a situation, don’t interrogate whoever you suspect too soon. Wait and watch and try to understand why your intuition is sending alarm signals. Once you identify some patterns, gather facts to share with that person and ask them to explain them.

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