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Invention by accident and re-invention with purpose by Christian

The power of accidental invention

At The/Studio, we celebrate the inventiveness of the human spirit, and the creative drive that bring ideas into reality. The development of science and technology has continues to shape our lives in ways that we often take for granted. Some of our greatest inventions are often found when looking for a solution to another problem. We’ve all heard to stories of incredible ideas coming to life by accident, like when a plump red apple fell on Newton’s head, or when Benjamin Franklin sent his kid off into a lightning storm to fly a kite. Disgruntled chef George Crum even invented potato chips on accident, after patrons of his restaurant kept complaining that their fries were too soggy.

A shocking way to be remembered


Thinking outside of the box

Sometimes inventions with the most impact present themselves by chance, 3M’s Post-it Notes were found when scientists rallied toward making a super-sticky glue that would never come un-stuck. In the end, however, the re-stickable attributes of Post-it Note glue ended up having a much greater influence on humanity than ever imagined prior to its discovery. 3M saw great potential in the Post-it glue, and transformed their failure to find a super-super-glue into a surprising victory.

 Returning to Nature

Other times, inspiration comes from taking a deep breath, and looking to the world around us for answers. Looking to mother nature, George de Mestal analyzed the manner in which nettlesome burrs stuck to his pants, and from this natural phenomenon, he invented Velcro — a tool used by millions. Insight can strike anytime and anywhere. World-changing invention can arise from both hi-tech research just as it can from paying attention to the intricacies of nature. It’s ideas, invention and re-invention that make the world a better place!

 PVC: a dynamic material



From piping to patches, and more!

This month, we are launching a new line of products that reflects the same inventiveness of all the examples above – products made with PVC. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC was discovered during the search for a lightweight, durable materials that could replace unwieldy metal piping of the early 1900s. Since then, scientists have developed PVC consistencies that range all the way from extra rigid to super-soft. Such a dynamic material has attracted the imaginations of many creative people in various industries. What started as boring pipes, PVC makes up all sorts of products, including everything from state-of-the-art medical supplies and sanitation equipment to funky party clothing for a wild night out.

 All the PVC product possibilities

With such a dynamic medium to work with, it’s no surprise that we are rolling out all kinds of PVC products. Since PVC is versatile enough to make tubes, bags and underwear, we at The/Studio are ready to extend this material into the custom products world. All February and beyond, please feel free to check out our excellent variety of PVC products personalized based on your design! PVC is a material that can be molded by your imagination. Stay tuned as we introduce our new line of exciting custom PVC products!






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