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Is On-Demand Manufacturing Right for You?

Manufacturing on demand is changing the way retailers and brands do business. Offering simplicity, transparency, speed, and flexibility, this new supply change model is rapidly changing an industry that has been slow to evolve.

Why are brands switching their supply chain to favor this new manufacturing method? Keep reading to find out, then learn more about The/Studio’s story.

Is Manufacturing On Demand Right for You?

On-demand manufacturing is shifting the way large retailers and niche brands create and market their goods. There are many benefits to this supply chain, including increased simplicity, transparency, speed, and flexibility.


With ever-changing trends in the sociopolitical climate and rapidly shifting fashion demands, creating a simple, easy supply chain for your brand or retail operation can be a challenge. Manufacturing on demand can simplify that process, depending on the manufacturer you choose.

While some on-demand manufacturers offer only embroidery or customization, The/Studio also offers custom cut-and-sew manufacturing, which means you can easily take idea to creation with one manufacturer. This simpler model of manufacturing on demand simplifies the supply chain, making it simple to create products your customers want to buy.


Today’s customers are looking for more than fashion that is cheap and accessible. Consumers are willing to spend more money to buy from a brand they trust. In fact, according to an article in Entrepreneur, consumers aren’t buying products, they’re buying brands. Crafting a brand story is about creating a relationship of trust with a consumer, and that begins and ends with transparency.

On-demand manufacturing puts the responsibility on the brand to say when, where, and how your products are being made. With millennial consumers looking for brands that share their values of sustainability and conservation, manufacturing on demand could become a more appealing option compared to traditional retail manufacturing supply chain models.


In an industry where time is closely related to income, the need for speed is putting pressure on brands to deliver quality products fast. Manufacturing on demand diminishes the production time for new products by simplifying the supply chain and automating a significant portion of the manufacturing process.

At The/Studio, we offer cut-and-sew custom product manufacturing services, so you can get the exact product you want from one source. While traditional fashion manufacturing requires a long and meandering supply chain for production, on-demand manufacturing makes it as simple as designing and creating your product. And with small batches available, you can get items for promotional events, sports games, and social events made quickly.


In the retail industry, inventory control, meeting consumer demands, and mitigating risk are ways to ensure the longevity of your business. On-demand manufacturing makes it easy for brands to remain flexible by offering low minimum order requirements, fast turnaround, and a lower bar for entry.

Where traditional manufacturing makes it challenging for new brands and retailers to break into the market, on-demand manufacturing simplifies the process and offers new (and established) brands the flexibility needed to experiment, test, and create exclusive products.

Learn more about on-demand manufacturing and how it can invigorate your apparel business from the team at The/Studio.




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