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Issue with Photos and your Sewn-out Sample by Alex

October 20, 2014

Recently we got a redo request from one of our customers. He complained that the color of the patches he received were different from the approved sample sent via email.

The border of the received patches were too light compared to the approved sample. When I checked the physical sample kept in our office, I found the color was truly different from the photo of the approved sample that our merchandiser took. The color was off.

The photo did not come out properly. Our merchandiser was suppose to show the customer the correct colors. Because the colors appeared to be correct in the photo, the customer approved it.  This was not our customers’ fault. This was a mistake made on our behalf.

It’s important to remember that even though we take accurate photos and scan the samples, the color can still be off.  Pictures can not show the colors exactly. My recommendation is, if our customers really care about colors matching exactly, a physical sample had better be sent for approval. I think this is the best way to handle the color issues. No risk!

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