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Its Cool When You Realize You Were Part Of Something Special

November 14, 2015

Every now and then we realize sometimes months later that our company was involved in a very important event by supplying patches for that event.  Some notable occasions is that we did patches for a team that won in the Superbowl three years ago, we did patches for a contestant that won a nationally televised poker tournament, we did patches that were passed out to all the contestants of American Idol, etc…

Recently when our CEO was on a business trip he had a discussion with his friend, about his friend’s boss who is the CEO of Tesla (its the company that makes high end luxury cars that are manufactured in the US).  Our CEO’s friend also discussed the fact that the CEO of Tesla was heading up the project “The New Space Race” which intends to make traveling to space commercially viable for tourists.  You can read more about what “The New Space Race” is about by going to the link  Several months later our CEO was looking at patches that we have done in the past, and he noticed that we actually produced patches for this project.  The patch is pictured here.  Cool!!

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