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I just Purchased a Mac Laptop by Joseph H

My Best Purchase Yet

About 6 months ago I traded in my Chinese branded laptop for a small Toshiba netbook.  Initially I liked the Toshiba because it was a step up from what I had before.  However, as time wore on, I realized that it was too small and it wasn’t powerful enough.  As someone with ADD, I need multiple screens up at one time, so when I get distracted I can seamlessly move back and forth between different tasks.  The computer was just too slow to accommodate that type of power requirement.  Furthermore, the small 10 inch screen was really starting to bother me.

 As I mentioned before, I really appreciate the genius of Steve Jobs.  Windows was starting to annoy me, as was my Toshiba, so recently I considered purchasing a Mac.  As sort of a tribute to Steve Jobs, I finally made the decision to pull the trigger and purchase a 15 inch Mac Book Pro.


Anyone that knows me knows that I am a rather cynical person and much more apt to criticize than praise.  But I can honestly say that this Mac Book Pro is truly the most beautiful product I have ever owned.  It’s the closest think to  perfection that I have ever experienced.

The packaging is absolutely exquisite and the user immediately understands that they are not buying a computer but an experience.   The packaging for the Mac Book even rivals the packaging for luxury brands such as LV and Gucci.

The actual Mac Book Pro itself is flawlessly designed.  The surface of the computer is so smooth, and you absolutely cannot find one groove, port or corner that seems out of place.  The screen is nothing short of magnificent.  The resolution is crystal clear and is better than any laptop screen, lcd or flat screen television that I have ever seen.

The touch pad has just the perfect amount of sensitivity to your finger.  Although I prefer a mouse, it is definitely the best touch pad that I have ever experienced.  I’m a fast typist and I hated the keys on my Toshiba.  They had too much resistance and something about the sound and resistance just irritated me.  The Mac keyboard responds perfectly to your fingers.  Your fingers seem to sink into the keyboard, and instead of having too much resistance the keys pop back up with just the right amount of force.  However, the most delightful thing about the keyboard is the sound that it makes.  It has this hollow sound that almost sounds like I am beating a drum, which is far superior to the crackling sound that my Toshiba made as I furiously beat on the keys.

I’m still getting adjusted to the slight differences between the Mac OS and Windows, but the Mac OS is just so much more organic, natural and intuitive than Windows.


At every turn of the corner Apple just excels against their competition.  They even thought “differently” when it came to the design of the power cord.  Show me a better looking or more functional power cord.  The industry standard is a large ugly black industrial looking power cord.  Apple designed a compact white power cord, that folds up neatly.  It even has two plastic pieces that protrude out to allow you to easily wrap up the power cord.


Something simple like a power cord, Steve Jobs seems to have just completely ran circles around his competitors.  I can only compare it to a science fair wherein Steve Jobs is a PHD candidate from MIT and his competitors still haven’t graduated from high school.

I have so much to say about my new Mac laptop….. To be continued………………..










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