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Keeping it sweet, not scary — 15% off The/Studio site

October 17, 2016

Keeping it sweet, not scary — 15% off The/Studio site

Your Halloween Treat

Getting the perfect Halloween costume is always a struggle. Back in college, I decided to dress up as Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet who famously wandered the nine rings of hell. Since I couldn’t find any large red dresses at the the local thrift store that week, I had to settle on pinning a large red table cloth to achieve the poet’s distinctive robes.
Matthew_Eley_Dressed_as_ Dante_ Alighieri
While The/Studio won’t help you stitch together the outfit of your favorite Renaissance poet, we can take the frightful prices out of custom gear for your company, fraternity or sorority, sports team and more. No need to go out to one of those Halloween stores that pop up starting in August and charge $50 for a pumpkin costume — from terrifying t-shirts to petrifying patches, blinged-out baseball caps and a closetful of other crowd-pleasers, we’ve got your back. In a good way, not a “boo! we’re-right-behind-you” sort of way. We hate that.
While patches are the only products we can deliver by Monday, October 31st, feel free to avoid any price scares with our competitors by applying your 15% discount to other items and orders.
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