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Kitting Options for Medals

Aside from marking the end of summer, Labor Day celebrates the achievements of workers. During this period, employ several means and ideas to show how much they value their employee’s commitment to work. 

Most companies show appreciation by providing custom medals to high performing employees. After all, employees who do not feel acknowledged for what they do are more likely to jump ship.

No doubt, this period is an exciting and busy time for most employees searching for the right employee awards and medals — but more crucial for retailers and third-party logistics providers. 

Fulfilling orders can often be a demanding and complex process for online medal merchants, especially when demand is high. So, what can be done to simplify the process and make it more seamless? Kitting can be the solution.

Kitting is the process of assembling, packing, and shipping various single products into one unit so that a customer can buy them together. It is an effective e-commerce merchandising tool since it helps e-retailers optimize inventory management and save time.

By combining existing stocks in your inventory, kitting fulfillment extends your inventory without increasing your storage costs.

So if you want to save cost and increase incremental sales move slower-moving merchandise, consider kitting your stock.

For instance, medal e-retailers can combine their products as a gift pack, sell it at a premium and larger quantity. And depending on the season, you could also combine a slow-moving product with a fast-moving one in a kit.

Forms of Kitted Merchandise

Kitting is an essential merchandising tool for e-retailers, yet it is usually disregarded. Here are ways you can use inventory kitting:

Subscription Boxes

With subscription boxes, you can sell several custom medals in one transaction, which doubles order values and converts one-time customers into subscribers. Also, business owners who don’t have time to handle ongoing product orders find this service convenient.

Packed Sets

Packed sets allow for easy buying. This includes offering items in pre-set colors and quantities. For instance, a packed set can include different medal colors, quantities, and designs. 

This can be in the form of gift sets, making it easy for your clients to buy gifts without creating a package themselves. It means more sales for you and a better experience for your customer.

Assembled Products

Kitting is often used with assembled products and plays a vital part in the fulfillment process. It allows e-retailers to offer various options to clients. How does it work? The items for built-to-order medal kits can be stored in inventory and packaged in various configurations to give the buyer more choices.

Kitting Options 

As an e-retailer, you may have several alternatives when it comes to kitting. You can work with manufacturers to kit medals before shipping the items to you or your fulfillment company.

Now, building kits in advance is less expensive. Provided the right inventory is available, building the required number of kits, all at one time, can help reduce fulfillment time and manage costs.

However, if there is limited stock or high demand, it is best to assemble kits as you receive the orders. The only disadvantage here is that assembling the kit increases fulfillment time. It is best to speak with your fulfillment company and manufacturer about your order history. 

Indeed, kitting is a great option! However, you can make it more seamless by using our custom kitting services. Contact us today to create retail-ready medals with custom backer cards and packaging on every order.




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