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November 30, 2014

We recently received an email from a happy customer, he was very satisfied with the patches he ordered from Patches by The Studio.  Below is his Message:

“Michelle!   The package of Klingon patches arrived today—and they look great!  And it couldn’t have happened without YOU.

See that big Klingon banner, blocked by a big Klingon head?   I’m that big Klingon head.

So on behalf of the Klingon Assault Group—-

MAJQA!!  (Klingonese for WELL DONE!!)”

John Halvorson

Thanks for the wonderful picture and testamonial John!


What is KAG?

The KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP is a not-for-profit STAR TREK fan organization. There are NO DUES here, and our growth is based on communication and cooperation. Klingon Uniforms aren’t required, but to advance within our ranks a uniform will be necessary. Promotions are based solely on merit, level of involvement.

We are International in scope, with ships and members from all parts of the globe.


What does KAG do?

KAG has Fun.
Our members go to fan conventions and intimidate other species.
We help charities with food and blood drives.
We win costume contests at conventions and march in parades.
We host events like excellent parties, weekend getaways, and conventions.
We share in the richness of Klingon culture and the Klingon Language…
…and did I mention conventions?

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