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Laser Cut Custom Embroidered Patches

July 20, 2015

Several days ago we did a blog post about why our company produces the best embroidered patches in the industry.  This particular article was about the tools that we use to create our embroidered patches, and one of the essential tools that we use to produce our patches is a laser cut machine.  A lot of our competitors cut their patches by hand, which is insufficient to produce custom patches with custom shapes.

You can produce a patch with basic squares, circles, triangles, etc.. if you cut it by hand, but you can’t get truly custom shapes by hand.  This patch is a recent patch that we produced which is an example of the necessity of a laser cut machine.  We pride ourselves on being able to produce laser cut embroidered patches, and we don’t charge extra for this service.  Just another reason why Patches by The/Studio is the best custom patch supplier in the industry.

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